Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hi, Everybody! I'm Gabe!

Well, since my sister is somewhat indisposed due to her surgery, I get to write her blog entry today. So I've been thinking about what to say that you would find interesting. Finally, I decided that telling you more about ME would be the best thing to do!

Piper already told you that my sire and dam were champion basenjis, but there is really a lot more information she could have provided on this subject. My sire was named Zindika's Johnny Come Greatly, but everyone just called him Johnny. He was a very famous basenji who won many dog shows. I don't mean that he just won Best of Breed, but he also won Best in Show more than 70 times! He was also a Field Champion, which means he was good at lure coursing. He was brindle and very handsome, like me. Unfortunately, he got cancer and died a few years ago.

My dam was named Dulcie, and she was also a champion, but she did not win as much stuff as Johnny did. I was born in Oklahoma City, at my Granny Ruthie's house. I call her my Granny Ruthie because she owned my dam, Dulcie. Sometimes Mom takes Piper and me to Oklahoma to visit Granny Ruthie. When I see her, I do a little dance to show that I remember her and that I am excited to see her.

I was 3 years old when I came to Kansas City to live with Mom. She only had one other dog then, a basenji named Trixie. Trixie and I were good buddies until she died a few years ago. By then, Mel and Barry were living with us. I was the Alpha Dog until Barry came. He and I had some discussions about the pack order -- well, a couple of times we sort of got into a fight about it -- but we worked it out. Now Barry is Alpha and I am Beta, and we respect each other, and we get along fine.

Here's something else about me that's interesting: I have a bunch of allergies. Mom took me to see a dermatologist, and he wanted to test me for allergies, but Mom didn't want him to because she didn't think I would let her give me allergy shots, like she was already giving to Barry. So what we did instead was a food test called an "elimination diet" to figure out what foods I was allergic to and also what foods Barry was allergic to.

So here's what it turned out that I'm allergic to: wheat, corn, beef, lamb, chicken, and probably turkey. Barry is allergic to wheat, soy, beef, and chicken. Mom makes us eat special food that doesn't have any grains in it. Usually it's pretty yummy. Right now we are eating a kibble called Pinnacle Trout and Sweet Potato. We've been eating that flavor of food for a long time, like maybe a year. Mom is probably going to change our food pretty soon. She got us a sample of Orijen fish flavored something, and we really like it, so we might switch to that.

Okay, here's what else is interesting about me. I have IBD, which stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The way we found out I have it is that sometimes I used to not want to eat breakfast because my tummy felt bad. Mom would put Parmesan cheese on my food, and then sometimes I would eat it. Then Dr. Patricia did surgery on me to look at all my insides. She found out that my intestines did not look right, and she sent little samples of them to the laboratory. The diagnosis was that I had IBD. So after that I had to take a whole bunch of pills and also get a shot of vitamin B12 once a week, which Mom has to give me. She puts a muzzle on me when she gives me the shot, but sometimes I still try to bite her.

Now that I am getting treatment for my IBD, I feel lots better. I feel like a young basenji again, and I get in trouble sometimes, just like I did when I was a pup. Here are a couple of examples of my recent handiwork -- er, toothwork:

Most of the time, I just like to sleep, though. I'm good at sleeping! And I like to think I'm pretty good at writing a blog, too!

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