Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Little Update

Friday Mom took me and Gabe to the vet's office, and here's what we did there. First we got treats while we were in the waiting room. Then Gabe had to put on his muzzle and go in the back room so they could stick a needle in his bladder and get some pee out of it. I have had this exact same thing done to me, and I can tell you that it hurts. But I don't have to wear a muzzle, like Gabe does. That is because I don't bite vets and vet techs. At least I never bit one so far. Mom is very proud of me because I am her only dog who doesn't have to wear a muzzle at the vet's office.

Anyway, the reason Gabe had to get the pee test thingy done is because he had an infection, and first he took Clavamox, but that didn't make him all better, so then he had to take Baytril. Now we think he is finally cured, but to make sure, some people in a lab will try to make bacteria grow out of his pee. If they can't do it, then we will know he doesn't have the bacteria anymore.

The reason Mom first thought that Gabe had an infection was because he had really stinky pee. One morning he got out of bed and went and peed in our back room on the rug, and it was very stinky for many days, even though Mom tried to get the rug to stop being stinky. The rug is better now, but sometimes it still smells a little like it got peed on.

So anyway, that's why Gabe had to go to the vet's office. And the reason why I had to go there was to get the rest of my stitches out. Which I did! And Mom doesn't have to put the Bite-Not collar on me anymore because now I don't feel obsessed with the urge to lick my incision.

Yesterday, Mel and Barry had a Good Adventure while they were walking. They found an English Muffin! It was a whole one without even one bite taken out of it! They both found it at the same time, but Barry was the one who ended up with the English Muffin because he is the Alpha Dog, and Mel is not ever going to fight him for anything that Barry wants. Ha!

The bad part was that when Mom saw what Barry had, she pried his mouth open and took the muffin away from him, even though he tried to hold his mouth shut. I think this was very mean and unfair of Mom, but she said she did it because Barry is allergic to wheat, so she did not want him to eat a whole English Muffin. I think she could have just given it to me, and that would have solved the problem because I am not allergic to wheat. But apparently, she didn't think of this solution. I hate to say it, but Mom just seems kind of dumb sometimes!

Last night, Mom went away for a few hours and came home smelling like Other Dogs. She told us that she went to the Humane Society golf tournament to help hold adoptable dogs during the dinner and auction. The dog that Mom was holding is named Kola, and she is 7 months old. Here's a picture of her:

Kola is a German shepherd mix, and Mom is always a sucker for those German shepherd types, for some reason. Also Kola got hit by a car a few months ago, and that's how she ended up at a shelter in the first place. She had a broken pelvis, but that's healed up now. And also something is wrong with the nerves in her front right leg, so she walks kind of funny. Mom likes Kola, and I think she would even adopt her if she didn't already have us 4 dogs. Of course, there are lots of dogs Mom would adopt if she could. She always tells us it's a good thing the law says she can only have 4 dogs!

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