Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Doggy Daycare

Hi, it's Mel again. Today's subject is Doggy Daycare, which I hope you won't find too boring. Yesterday Mom took me and Barry to Pooches' Paradise, which is what our daycare is called. I'm not sure if it really is like paradise to be there, at least according to the usual definition of "paradise," but it's a pretty nice place for a dog to spend the day. What we do there is we sniff all the other dogs' butts so we can get to know them a little. Then maybe we play with them, if we like any of them well enough.

On a nice day, like it was yesterday, they leave the door open, so we can go outside anytime we want to. The building that the daycare is in used to be a body shop where people fixed cars that got smashed up. So there's no grass or anything outside. It's just pavement. And inside it's just a floor with no carpets or rugs or anything.

There's a room for big dogs and another one for smaller dogs. Barry and I always go in the room with the smaller dogs. There's also a place for greyhounds. Some of these greyhounds were rescued from the racetrack. And sometimes greyhounds that have already been adopted go to board at Pooches' Paradise while their people are out of town.

Piper goes to doggy daycare, too sometimes, but if she goes, then either Barry or I stay home because Mom only takes two dogs there at a time. Gabe never goes because he is Dog Aggressive.

In the middle of the day, they put us in crates so we can take a nap. Otherwise, what we mostly do is play and pee and poop and hang with the other dogs and bark. We're not really supposed to bark at doggy daycare, and if we bark a lot, we get squirted with a water bottle. And any dog that gets mean and starts a fight has to do time-out for a while.

I always try to stay far away from dogfights, but one time I got bitten on my back at doggy daycare. No one knew it happened until I got home and Mom found the wound. Well, some of us dogs knew it happened, but the humans didn't know. So I had to go visit Dr Patricia and get my wound cleaned and get some antibiotics. In those days, doggy daycare was called A Dog's World and not Pooches' Paradise. I guess this fits because getting bit is something that happens sometimes in a dog's world, but not in paradise!

Another time, after A Dog's World turned into Paradise, I got in a lot of trouble because I bit a man who was visiting there. He reached over the fence to pet some other dog, but I thought he seemed very scary and threatening, so I bit him on the hand. He had to go to the doctor and get stitches and stuff. Also I got reported to Animal Control. I guess I was supposed to be quarantined to make sure I didn't have rabies, which I didn't have because I always get all my shots. But nobody told Mom about quarantine. So then a couple of weeks later, a man in a uniform showed up at our door and asked why I hadn't been quarantined, Mom said nobody told her to do it, which was true. So the man checked and found out that I had my shots and my city license and that all Mom's other dogs did, too. So Mom didn't get a ticket or anything. But she told me not to bite anyone ever again because if I did, I might have to go to jail, and Mom might have to go, too.

Well, that's all I can think of to say about the subject of Doggy Daycare. If I could, I would tell you about what really goes on the the back room there sometimes, but I can't tell you because I'm sworn to secrecy!

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