Sunday, September 6, 2009


Eating is very, very important to me. You might even say it is my raison d'etre. Ha! Are you impressed that I used a French phrase? I even know what it means! It means "reason for being." Mom said if I used a little French or Latin now and then, it would make my blog sound more sophisticated. I hope she was right about that. Anyway, eating is a very good reason for being. I like to eat and most of the dogs I have known also like to eat. If a dog doesn't have eating as a reason for being, I think it means that something is wrong with that dog, such as maybe it has IBD, like my brother Gabe does.

Here is a list of the things I most like to eat:
1. Cat poop
2. Cicadas
3. Squirrels, rabbits, mice, rats, and possums
4. Cheese
5. Peanut butter
6. Dog treats
7. Dog food
8. Any kind of tasty garbage like turkey bones or t-bones or hamburger buns
9. Paper, such as kleenexes or those tube thingies from the toilet paper rolls

At our house, we get to eat two meals a day. The first one is in the morning, right after we get out of bed and go outside to potty. We call that meal Breakfast of Dogs. Then at about 5:00 p.m., we have Supper of Dogs. I cannot say which of these meals is better since they are both wonderful and delicious!

Each of us dogs gets to eat out of his very own ceramic dish. Mine is black and white, just like me, and I think it is the prettiest dish of all. What we eat is kibble mixed with a little canned food and a little venison green tripe, which comes in a can all the way from New Zealand. It is really delicious! In case you don't know, green tripe is the insides of the stomach of some animal that eats grass and other plants. Mom thinks it is stinky, but we dogs really like the way it smells and tastes. We have been eating it for like a year now. Our coats are shinier, and the hair is nice and soft. The last time Mom took Barry to see the dermatologist, he asked what Mom had been feeding Barry to make his coat so nice. Mom told him about green tripe, and he said he would buy some for his dogs, too.

I always eat my food fast so that none of my brothers will get any of it. Barry also eats his food fast, but I am faster. Barry eats fast so he can try to steal some of Mel's food, but Mom guards Mel while he is eating so that Barry can't get any of Mel's food. Gabe eats the slowest of all, but if we try to steal his food, he will bite us, so we just have to wait until he finishes and then lick his bowl.

Usually we get some cheese after we finish eating. This is because Mom hides Gabe's pills in cheese to make sure he eats them. The rest of us get our pills hidden in meatballs made out of dog food. Mom thinks we don't know that she is hiding pills in our food, but we're smarter than she thinks we are! One nice thing about having surgery is that you get a lot of pills afterwards, and I like that! Also I don't have to take any baths, as I have mentioned before.

Another yummy thing we eat is dog treats, which we get a couple of times a day. And if we are outside and Mom wants us to come in right away, like for instance if we are fence-fighting with the dog nextdoor, Mom calls us and shakes the treat bag. This makes everybody run into the house right away because we all want treats!

I have heard that some moms and dads give their dogs people-food right from the table while they are eating. Sadly, my mom doesn't do this. She doesn't allow us to beg either. We have tried to train her to give us more people-food, but we have not had much success. Sometimes Mom will give us a little tuna or turkey when she is cooking in the kitchen, but otherwise, she is very stubborn and selfish about keeping the people-food all for herself!

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