Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Ickyness of Rain!

Rain is really, truly icky and horrible! I don't like rain, and I don't even know why it had to be invented! Mom says rain is good because it makes the plants grow, but I don't care about that. Then Mom said if the plants don't grow, the animals can't eat the plants, and then the predators such as wolves and dogs and lions can't eat the animals that eat the plants. But this seems a little too complicated to make a valid reason for why rain is a good thing, at least in my opinion.

Here are some reasons why I hate rain:
1. It's wet.
2. It makes me all wet if I go out in it.
3. It gets in my face and makes it hard to see out of my eyes.
4. It makes the grass wet and that makes my feet wet.
5. It makes mud, which gets on dog feet and then we track it in the house and Mom gets unhappy about that.
6. Sometimes it comes with lightning and thunder, which do not scare me too much, but they do scare some dogs, such as my brothers Barry and Mel.
7. In the winter, rain freezes and makes ice, and then you can slip and fall down and hurt yourself.
8. If there's too much rain, it makes a flood, and dogs and people can drown in floods.

So anyway, there are many reasons not to like rain. When it's raining, I just want to stay indoors where it is dry and take a nap. If I need to potty, maybe I can just do it on a rug someplace. Mom doesn't like it if I do this, though, so I have to make sure she doesn't see me!

Here's a photo of Gabe and me trying to decide if it was safe to go out on the patio after it rained one time. We decided that it definitely was not safe, so Mom had to take us on a leash out in the wet front yard to potty.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say about such an unpleasant topic. So while I am talking about nasty stuff, I will just say that now Mom is making me wear a Bite-Not collar. It is not quite as bad as the Cone of Shame, but it is bad enough. Mom made me wear it because every once in a while I licked my incisions just a teeny tiny little bit. Mom said I shouldn't be licking them, and if I didn't stop, she would put the collar on me. I thought she was bluffing, because Mom is just an old softy. But I was WRONG! She got the collar out and put it on me!

With the collar on, I can hardly do anything a normal basenji would do. I can't go up the stairs and I can't jump on the sofa and I can't lie down and sleep. Mom says I will figure out how to do all these things because I really and truly can do them while wearing the collar, but I think she may be lying to me.

Here's another photo of me wearing the collar. In this photo, you can see that I was giving Mom a calming signal by turning my back on her. I thought this would convince her that I am no threat to her, so she would take the collar off! So far it hasn't worked, unfortunately.

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