Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Little Update on Stuff

I'm sure you have been wondering how my healing-up is going after my melanoma surgery. Well, I will tell you: It's going fine! Mom says I am still licking my incision more than I should, so she makes me wear that stupid collar sometimes, like especially when she's gone all day. But other times she forgets to put it on me. Or else she is too much of a softy to make me wear it. So I guess things could be worse than they are. And tomorrow I will get my stitches out! Hooray! I think my incision will feel much better after that. Also I have to get a heartworm test. I don't know why, since we always take our heartworm preventive stuff once a month, but it's just one of those things they make you do.

On Friday Mom went to the thrift store and bought several things. Some of what she bought was just boring clothes for her to wear, but she also bought a new bedspread. Well, really she bought TWO bedspreads because they were twin size. We don't have a twin size bed, though. We have a full size bed, which means it is big enough to be full of dogs, if we all decide to sleep with Mom. Last night Gabe and I both slept with Mom, and then Barry got on the bed, too, so it was pretty full. Mom says what we really need is a king size bed, so we can fit all the dogs in and still have room for her to turn over!

But anyway, when Mom was at the thrift store, she bought two twin size spreads because that was the only size they had. They had a whole bunch of them, though, and all of them were new, not used, like stuff usually is at the thrift store. When Mom got home, she sewed the two spreads together, and now we have a nice, big, new bedspread, which looks like this:

The reason we needed a new bedspread was because Gabe and Barry tore up the last two we had. This is also the reason why Mom keeps the bedroom door closed most of the time now. She does not want the new bedspread to get torn up, even though she only paid $8 each for the two twin bedspreads. I don't think Mom really understands the deep, inner joy that a dog gets from chewing and shredding. If she understood this, she would not have so many unreasonable attitudes. I think we will have to try harder to educate and train her!

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