Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mom is SICK!

Mom is almost never sick, so when she is, we dogs don't know what to do about the situation.  What's wrong with Mom now is that she has a Very Bad Nasty Cold and a Horrible Sore Throat.  This sickness causes her to make strange noises sometimes, like coughing, gargling, snoring, sneezing, and blowing her nose.  We don't like it when Mom is sick and makes strange noises because we worry about her.  We don't want anything to happen to her because she is the person who feeds us and so she is very important to us!

The good thing about Mom's being sick is that she stays home with us a lot.  Of course, she is not much fun because all she wants to do is sleep and read and watch TV and maybe mess around on the computer.  But still, we like having her around instead of being gone all the time.

This weekend Mom was supposed to help the poor, homeless doggies at the Humane Society find homes by taking them to the Plaza Art Fair.  But Mom didn't feel like doing that, so some other nice people had to do it instead.  Mom is disappointed that she didn't get to be with the dogs at the Art Fair because she likes to do that.  Now she will have to wait until next year to go there.

Yesterday morning Mom did not even walk us because she said she didn't feel like it.  Also she wanted to go to a place called Minute Clinic, at the CVS drugstore.  Mom had never been there before, but her regular doctor doesn't work on the weekends, and Mom wanted to find out if she had a stripped throat.  Well, I think it is really called "strep" throat, but Mom says it feels like it has been stripped.

We don't know if this clinic place is supposed to be called MINute Clinic, like meaning 60 seconds, or MinUTE Clinic, like "small."  Mom said the place is definitely small, so maybe the second way to pronounce it is correct.  She had to wait an hour before she could see the Nurse Practitioner, so she thinks it should be called Hour Clinic instead of Minute Clinic.

Anyway, it turns out that Mom probably doesn't have a stripped throat.  Instead she has a sore throat that is caused by a virus.  The nice Nurse Practitioner said that Mom would probably feel better starting today because that's about how long it takes to feel better when you have a virus thing.  Also she prescribed some stuff that Mom is supposed to gargle with that makes your mouth and throat all numb and that way it doesn't hurt so much.

So that's the news about Mom, and now I can talk about ME!  Mom thinks I have WORMS because I have Soft Poop, like this:

She made me go to Dr. Patricia's office on Wednesday so the nurse could stick something in my butt and get a poop sample.  Well, guess what!  The lab said I didn't have any worms at all that they could see.  But Mom said I still had Soft Poop, so what's up with that?  And Dr. Patricia decided I should get some pills for worms anyway, just in case there really are some and the lab just didn't see them.  So I'll be taking more pills, but that's good because Mom gives them to me in a yummy meatball made of dogfood.


  1. LOVE the picture of the "poop" and can't even imagine where you get those graphics....but you are one talented writer and artist Piper!!

    I'm soooo sorry your mom is sick. Tell her if she needs a ride to her dr office to give me a call (landline) and I'd be happy to pick her up and take her there!! HONESTLY!

    Take care of yourself Piper and tell your mommy I said hello. Neither have to write a comment back to me....I understand illness!!

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I have been spending a lot of time taking care of Mom today, helping her take a nap and stuff like that. She thinks *maybe* she is getting a little better now, but she still has a temperature. She said to tell you thanks for the offer to take her to the doctor. Mom's doctor is really close, like less than 5 minutes' drive, so she can probably get there herself if she needs to go. I would drive her there, but I'm not old enough to drive. Even Gabe isn't old enough to drive! Oh, and I'm glad you like the poop picture. I find all kinds of interesting pictures on the internet. Some of them you have to pay to use, but I try to find the ones in the Public Domain, so they are free to use and the cyberpolice won't come and take me to jail! My research assistant (Mom) helps me find pictures sometimes. She's pretty good at it!
    Bye now,