Friday, September 25, 2009

One Whole Month of Blogging!

Yes, that's right!  It was exactly a month ago that I started blogging!  Can you believe it?  Can you even remember what your life was like before my intriguingly wonderful blog became a part of it?  No, I'll bet you can't!  But that's okay.  You don't have to thank me.  Just keep on reading!

Mom says that there may come a time when I will not be able to write every single day due to my busy schedule, which you learned all about in yesterday's blog.  Also she says I might run out of things to talk about.  Sheesh!  How can she even think that?  I have an opinion about almost everything, so how could I run out of stuff to blog about?  Anyway, I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

But getting back to the topic of schedules, now that you have seen how mine should ideally be, I will talk about how Mom manages to screw it all up sometimes.  Because the fact is that Mom just does not understand how important it is to a dog to have a regular routine that can be counted on to always happen in a certain way.  Having such a routine makes a dog feel calm and safe down deep in her doggy guts.  A dog likes the idea of "We've always done it that way, and we will just keep on doing it that way forever and ever." That's what makes a dog feel happy.  I'm a dog, and I know these things.

But like I say, Mom tends to make our schedule go all cuckoo sometimes.  Ha!  Did you notice how I cleverly used the word cuckoo when there was a picture of a cuckoo clock?  This is called a pun or an allusion or a metaphor or something like that.  Anyway, I'm sure it's a sign of good writing.

Tuesday was an excellent example of a day when Mom did not follow the schedule properly.  What happened was this:  we started out okay following the schedule, and then we got to the part where Mom finished breakfast and was reading the paper, and then Uncle Mike came!  I guess Mom knew he was coming, but we dogs didn't so it was a Surprise.  Mom tied Barry to the piano so he wouldn't bite Uncle Mike, but the rest of us got to go to the door to sniff Uncle Mike because he's always interesting to sniff.  He smells like dogs and cats and horses and donkeys and ducks and geese and even a llama!

Uncle Mike is the person who remodeled our whole kitchen a couple of years ago.  When he was doing that, he came every single day.  Now Uncle Mike only comes every once in a while to fix some little stuff. That's why he came on Tuesday, to fix some little stuff.

So after Uncle Mike arrived, Mom took Barry and Mel to Doggy Daycare.  Then she said she was going to walk me and Gabe, but it turned out that Mom hadn't bought all the right parts for fixing the tub, so she and Uncle Mike went to the Plumber's Friend store.  When they got back, Mom had to leave and go to the chiropractor's office.  And then Uncle Mike left, but Mom still couldn't walk us because she was expecting Another Repairman to come.

This other man came to check out our furnace and air-conditioner to see if they were working okay.  When he came in the door, he put all his tools down so we could sniff them.  He was the kind of man who talks to dogs in sort of an annoying way like he thinks all dogs adore him, and he was waving his finger around in Gabe's face, which I can tell you is not a smart thing to do if Gabe doesn't know you very well.  And of course Gabe immediately decided this man was scary and I thought the same thing.  So I retreated to the sofa, where it was safe, but Gabe bravely snuck up behind the man and nipped at his pants leg.

The man scolded Gabe for this, but Mom thought it sort of served him right.  She did not say so to the man, though, because she did not want him to do anything bad to our furnace, which we will need all winter to keep us warm.  So Mom just made Gabe stay away from the man after that, which Gabe was mostly happy to do.

Then after the annoying man left, we finally got to go for our walk!  After that, Mom decided to take a nap because she was getting a cold and she felt kind of icky.  So she took a nap, but Gabe and I did not help her take her nap.  Instead, we stayed downstairs and took our own naps while guarding the house because Mel and Barry weren't there to do that job like they usually do.

Later, Mom went and picked up Mel and Barry from Doggy Daycare, and they came home and we all had Supper of Dogs, and then we were back to our regular schedule.  Whew!

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