Monday, September 14, 2009

Our Family Portrait

This is a picture of our whole family, all 5 of us, that was taken 2 years ago. If you look at the photo, you will see that we are all watching the camera, and some of us are even smiling. Mom thinks it was a total miracle that this happened, but it did, and we have the photo to prove it!

The way we got this photo was we all went to the place where the photographer was, which is called a studio. The name of the studio was My Yuppy Puppy. Mom does not really think we are yuppies, but that's where we got our picture taken anyway.

When we got there, the photographer let us just run around and check everything out in the studio. I would tell you the photographer's name, but I can't remember it. Anyway, she was very nice and she had treats, so that made her even nicer. She had a really, really big black hairy Newfoundland dog, but he was in her office behind a gate, so that no one (like especially Gabe) would get in a fight with him.

After a while, we started posing for the photo. The photographer took a whole bunch of pictures until she finally got some where we were all sort of sitting still, looking at the camera. Then Mom picked the one she liked the best.

You can see me looking very pretty and demure in the back part of the photo. Gabe was sitting on Mom's lap so he could feel braver. The funniest thing in this photo is that Mel, the Omega Dog, is right down in front, looking sociable and happy, which is not the way he usually looks in photos. Mel did this because he really, really liked the photographer lady. Also he really, really liked the treats she was giving us. So what he was doing in the photo was just sucking up to the photographer so she would give him some more treats. At least that's my interpretation, and I believe it to be the correct one.


  1. Love the picture of the "family." Piper - your blog has turned into one of my EVERY DAY events. Keep up the good writing!

  2. We got to do that! We really like the picture. However mom doesn't take real good pictures and she would probably ruin it for everyone!