Thursday, September 10, 2009


Sleeping is another very, very important raison d'etre in the life of a dog. There might be a very small minority of dogs that don't like to eat, but I dare you to show me a dog who doesn't like to sleep! You will never hear a dog say, "I can get by on just four hours of sleep a night" or "Taking naps is a waste of time," which are silly things that humans sometimes say. But dogs never say such things, nope, not for a minute!

Dogs sleep more than people do, but they also wake up more often than people do. It's a scientific fact that dogs sleep between 13 and 17 hours a day. Sometimes how much a dog sleeps depends on whether there is anything more interesting to do, like go track down missing persons or sniff out bombs or chase a Frisbee or whatever. But even dogs with Important Jobs still need their sleep.

And another thing dogs need is nice, comfy dog beds if they are to enjoy the highest quality of sleep. It is the responsibility of humans who own dogs to provide proper dog beds. My mom can make dog beds with her sewing machine. The beds she makes are mostly like big, fluffy pillows, which is a fine kind of bed to sleep on. The other advantage of these beds is that they are lots of fun to tear up and unstuff. Mom gets annoyed when we tear up our beds because then she has to mend them. I think this is not a problem because it always gives Mom something to do and that way she does not get bored.

Sometimes Mom buys blankets and comforters and stuff like that at the thrift store. These are also nice to sleep on and to rip apart. When Mom gets tired of mending something, she just throws it away and buys something new.

Some dogs snore when they sleep. Gabe says that I snore, and Mom also says I snore, but she thinks it is cute. Mel barks in his sleep, but Barry doesn't. Both Mel and Barry jerk their legs around sometimes when they are asleep. I think this means they are dreaming about running.

When I sleep, I like to snuggle with Gabe. Well, I like to snuggle unless I'm feeling grumpy, and then I growl at him and make him go sleep someplace else. But usually Gabe and I sleep together. We sleep on the really big dog bed on the bedroom floor. Mom bought the really big dog bed at Costco, and it smells nice like cedar. Sometimes Gabe decides to sleep with Mom, though, in Mom's bed. When he does this, he sleeps near Mom's head, on the other pillow. I've slept with Mom a few times, but I usually prefer to sleep in a dog bed.

Barry sleeps in his own dog bed on the bedroom floor. It's kind of like a big, cloth basket. In the wintertime, Barry likes to get in bed with Mom partway through the night. He always sleeps on the foot of the bed, though, not on the pillow like Gabe does. In the evenings, when we are watching TV in the living room, Barry likes to sleep in the recliner with his head hanging down. This looks really funny, in my opinion. Gabe and I have dog beds on the sofa where we sleep, which is much more dignified than hanging your head off the edge of a chair.

Mel is weird about where he sleeps. He doesn't like to sleep with any other dog or with Mom. I don't even know where he sleeps some nights, but I think he sleeps downstairs in the living room or in Mom's office. But if there's a thunderstorm, Mel crawls under Mom's bed and sleeps there because he thinks it's safer.

Anyway, the best kind of home for dogs has lots of dog beds in lots of rooms so that there is always a good place for dogs to take a nap. We used to get to sleep wherever we wanted to anytime during the day, but then Mom started closing the bedroom doors some of the time so that we couldn't go in there and rip up the dog beds. Mom doesn't understand that if she would just give us more toys to tear apart, we wouldn't have to tear up the beds.

Well, all this talk about sleeping has made me kind of drowsy, so I think I'll go take a nap now!


  1. Nice column today....and it never occurred to me before but I wonder if the old saying, "I slept like a dog" last night has some truth to it?? I use to hear that comment all the time from my WV relatives.
    Dodi and Di

  2. You and Gabe looked so cute together!


  3. Yeah, we made a cute little pair! Now I snuggle up to Nicky, and Mom thinks that is funny because Nicky is so much bigger than I am, but he's nice and warm to snuggle with, so I like that.