Friday, October 16, 2009

Fun with Hank and Aunt Cheryl

Our guests are here, and we are having lots of fun!  Nobody has bitten anybody yet, so that's good.  Gabe has been a little growly a couple of times, but not so growly like he gets sometimes.  Of course, when Hank arrived, we all had to sniff each other thoroughly and do Important Doggy Routines like that.  And then Hank peed and pooped in our yard, so that made it like it was his yard, too, and like we all lived here together all the time.  Which we don't, but it would be fun if we did!

I think I forgot to tell you that Hank has Fanconi Syndrome, just like Trixie used to have, so he gets lots of pills every single day.  Here's a picture of the pills he will get while he's on this trip.  Whenever he gets pills, his mom puts them in a big dogfood meatball, which makes them very yummy to take.  All of us dogs were very interested in Hank's food and Hank's pills.  Aunt Cheryl wouldn't give us any of his pills, though, which was kind of a bummer.

Hank wasn't very hungry because he gets stressed when he is traveling, and then he doesn't feel like eating.  I can understand this feeling because I have felt that way when I was traveling, too.  Traveling is weird and scary because you are not at home anymore where you feel safe, and you don't know where you are going and it just makes you feel kind of icky down in your tummy.

Anyway, after lunch yesterday, we dogs all took naps while Mom and Aunt Cheryl went out and did stuff.  They went to some thrift stores.  Mom bought two sweaters and a flower pot and some towels for the nice dogs at the shelter.  Aunt Cheryl bought a set of plates with herbs painted on them.

Mom took a picture of herself in a room full of mirrors.  This is kind of a silly thing to do, but Mom did it anyway and said I should put the picture in my blog, so I did.

Then Mom and Aunt Cheryl went to a garden center.  They looked at a bunch of plants and pots.  They also looked at a pond with really, really big goldfish in it.  I wish I could have been there so I could have caught one of the fish and eaten it.  Except I might have had to get wet if I did that, so maybe it would be better to catch a rabbit.

In the evening, Mom made some chili and cornbread, and then Mom and Aunt Cheryl watched TV a little bit, and then I had to write my blog, and then we all went to bed.  Whew!  It was a long day!


  1. Hi! Hank, here, but my mom is doing the typing. It is true that my tummy gets stressed when we travel, but I still take my pills. The picture of my pills doesn't show all the pills.....I take *lots*. Kansas City is mighty smelly in a very good way. There are lots of smelly leaves on the ground and this morning Gabe found part of a squirrel leg on the ground and didn't share it with anyone. Mom seems very happy visiting with Auntie Eva--they talk and shop a lot---I don't get it--unless you are shopping for dog toys. Well, mom has to go now--she and auntie eva are going to do more stuff....Bye, your friend Hank, the traveling man!

  2. Hi Hank - WELCOME TO KC!! I know your Aunt Eva has been very excited that you and your mom were coming for a visit. Maybe they will stop by PETCO today.....I did yesterday but didn't buy anything....NOT fond of their prices. Ha. Well....just wanted to say hello and say you are quite a "handsome" dog....although I'm in a family of cats....probably NOT your favorite type of animal.
    Love, AP (and Dodi & Di)