Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hank, here---hitting the road today!

Folks have been mighty nice to us here in Kansas City, MO.  Gabe and Mel and Barry and Piper make me feel just like I am at home, but I will tell you a secret.   I kind of miss my own home and my Dad, too, even though Aunt Eva pets and strokes me whenever I do mind control and look pitiful.   She laughs and says, "Oh, Hank.  Do you need some petting?  Isn't anybody giving you any attention?"   And then she will love on me like a good basenji slave.

Mom and Aunt Eva have been out a lot and everytime they come home it seems they have more stuff with them and good smells all over them, too.   I know they went to a friend's house yesterday and the friend has a new Golden Retriever girl who is only five months old and her name is Breezy.   She must have gotten lots of loving because you sure smell that girly girl.

I did go to the vet with Gabe yesterday, the way I told you I would go and the nice woman named Debbie thought I had very good manners---haa haa haa haa haa.  Drat, Mom always tells folks that I am just putting on an act.  Oh, I forgot to tell you something really neat.  One of the people at the vet office where Gabe goes is also an artist and she painted a really beautiful picture of Trixie and it hangs on the wall right in the front of the office.  I remember Trixie--she was a beautiful stripey basenji girl who lived with Aunt Eva and is now at the Rainbow Bridge.  She would come and visit me in Texas.  I am proud that I knew such a beautiful girl and her picture is there for everyone to see.

I am going to be in the car a lot today and then I guess we will stay in a motel.   Beds in motels have lots of pillows and I like to throw them on the floor.  Gabe and I have even snuggled in hotel beds when we went to the Nationals.....those beds are mighty big!

Mom is running around trying to pack the car which isn't so much fun since she bought a bunch of stuff made of concrete for the garden---these things are excellent to peepee on if she sets them on the ground.  It is very wet outside right now so that makes it a little messy but at least there is no lightning.   I don't know why Mom packs so much, but she does.

One thing she is packing is some fried chicken from a place called Stroud's.  Mom used to love going there when she was little and lived in Kansas City so Aunt Eva took her there yesterday and there were leftovers---Yea!!!!   I am sure she will give me some.

Well, I guess it is time to say "Goodbye" and go and let Mom wait on me for breakfast.  I am a bit fussy about eating when I am on the road so Mom usually adds some egg to my food to tempt me--hee hee-- this works out pretty well for me.

So--I want to thank Aunt Eva and her whole gang, especially perky Piper, for being so nice to me and Mom.  We had a great time.

Love to everyone from your traveling correspondent, Hank


  1. Gosh...this is getting odd...today after taking my mother to her dr appt; I took a short-cut thru an old neighborhood (Crestview) and saw ANOTHER basenji!! I think that's twice in two days now!! My guess is this one might have been around a year old; not to big, and it was dark blonde w/white - and the owners had him/her on a leash and that dog was sooooo enjoying himself/herself.

  2. Hope you had a safe trip, Hank!