Monday, October 19, 2009

"Hello" from Hank!

Howdy, Friends!   It is Hank here writing from beautiful Kansas City, MO, the city where my mom was born.  I have been here before, but it was different then--different in many ways (but there are always lots of blankies to snuggle in).

One time we came to visit Aunt Eva and there was a terrible storm.   All of us dogs were at home during the storm but Mom and Aunt Eva were out at night at a fundraiser for rescue.  The storm got so bad that they had to stop the fundraiser because some of the people there had to go save their businesses from flooding.   It is a good thing Mom and Aunt Eva came home when they did because some of the roads they crossed were closed later on because of flooding.   I am sooooooo glad they were safe.   Anyway, they tried to drive home during the storm but roads were blocked off by trees that had blown down.   It was very scary.  When they finally got to the house they were afraid to get out of the car because of all of the lightning but they finally did come in.  Can you believe they thought we might want to go out and potty during that weather?   Well, we did want to potty but we decided we could hold it till the storm went away.  The city is cool and sunny here today--much better than storming.

The other big thing that was different was Aunt Eva's house.  She has done remodeling since we were here last time.   I like it a lot because there are soooooo many windows now to look outside and see everything in the back yard and Mom likes all the new colors in the house.   I don't know about the colors, but it sure smells good here.

We have been taking a walk every morning which is fun.   There seem to be a lot of cemeteries near Aunt Eva, but I think maybe they are pretend cemeteries for Halloween.  One reason I think they are pretend is that Gabe would be going after all the bones if they were real and he doesn't seem interested.

As you know, Gabe has been feeling yukky and this morning he is going back to the vet and Aunt Eva has invited me and my Mom to go along so her vet can meet me since I have Fanconi Syndrome---but don't worry, I am doing fine.

Oh--another thing that is different is that Aunt Eva has a magic transformer couch that turns into a bed---wow!!!  She also has a special guest room upstairs but my Mom says it is best if she sleeps downstairs because her knees hurt so that is how we got to find out about the magic transformer couch that turns into a bed.   It is really neat.  I have been sleeping there with Mom snuggled under the blankets.   Sometimes Piper gets up there, too, but she always goes upstairs to sleep with her mom.

Well, you know that Mom and Aunt Eva love dogs---of course--but they also both like plants a lot and yesterday they went to a cactus club meeting---don't ask me why--seems like a waste of time to me but they seem very pleased.  Oh, Aunt Eva is the president of the club, whatever that means, so she had to go.   I didn't even know that my own aunt is a president but she is clearly very important and she is very nice, too.

Gotta go now--I think Piper will let me write more tomorrow--Signing out from Kansas City, MO, your friend, Hank.


  1. Poor little Gabe....hope he's feeling better today. Sounds like....huh...reads like the family is having lots of fun together!! I really like reading your (Hank) blog too!! This will be a short message, as I'm trying to type with Dodi biting my toes....he tends to do this if he's not getting enough attention!! Just checking in - take care!

  2. oops - forgot to mention the MAIN reason I'm writing today; I saw a puppy Basenji this morning. Apparently, he/she lives in my neighborhood (complex) as a nice lady (I assume) was taking him/her on a walk. I would have gone out and met him/her but they were well pass my door when I saw them!!

    Also...on a not happy note: please tell Eva that I've been watching the news, and hated to hear/read the problems in the Waldo area....although I realize that takes up a lot of area!! PLEASE BE SAFE!