Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to Know When It's FALL!

Fall is the season of the year that we are in right now.  I think it is probably called "fall" because it is when lots of stuff starts falling down, like leaves and acorns and dead plants.  Sometimes even snow falls down.  Another name for Fall is autumn, which is a word that comes from the Middle English word autumpne.  Before that, it was a Latin word, autumnus.  We can see from this that people are all the time stealing words from other languages because they are too lazy to make up new and different words!

Anyway, there are lots of ways to tell when the Fall Season has arrived.  I will just tell you a few of these ways, so you will be able to figure it out for yourself next year.

1.  Look at a calendar.  Our calendar says that Fall started on September 22.  If you have a calendar with pictures, there will sometimes be a picture of an autumn scene.  This is another good clue.

2.  Leaves start turning pretty colors like red or orange.  Or sometimes they just turn brown.

3.  Leaves fall off the trees.

4.  Acorns fall off the trees.

5.  Squirrels run around eating acorns or burying them.

6.  Flowers start dying.

7.  Ornamental grass gets stuff on top that looks like tassels.

8.  Spider webs start growing on everything.

9.  People start making cemeteries in their front yards.

10.  It gets cold at night, so I have to sleep with blankies and snuggle up to Gabe.

Well, that's pretty much it -- ten easy ways to tell if it's Fall or not.  Fall comes at different times in different parts of the country, but I can tell you for sure that it is definitely Fall here now!


  1. Hey, Piper--we are leaving tomorrow to come and see you.....I will be sure and have my mom pack extra blankies for me. Rain is falling here in Austin...I guess that means it is fall here--oh, and lots and lots of acorns are falling on our metal roof making lots of noise--and the squirrels are everywhere--yum--let me at 'em! See you soon--your boyfriend, Hank

  2. Dear Hank,
    We have a ton of blankies here in case your mom forgets to pack some for you. Also we have doggy sweaters which I hate to wear, but if you like them, you can wear one of mine. Mom started making fires in the fireplace, so that's another way to keep warm. Our acorns are noisy on the roof, too, but we don't have a metal roof, so it's probably not as loud as your roof is. We have lots of squirrels that you can eat if you catch them. I can hardly wait till you get here! Your girlfriend, Piper

  3. Piper and friends - I tried to be creative and put a "cartoon" picture representing Di/Dodi as my profile picture. Well...it's a bit large....and Di/Dodi are NOT pleased that I use a cartoon and NOT one of their true pictures. I have problems uploading their picture. Thus the reason for the goofy cartoon profile picture.
    Love, AP

  4. Dear Di and Dodi and Aunt Patty,
    I LOVE the cartoon profile picture! I can see that you two are very pretty cats, just by looking at the profile picture. Mom has seen you in person, and she says it looks just like both of you! I am sorry you had trouble putting a real photo in your profile, but the cartoon is also very nice.
    Love, Piper