Sunday, October 18, 2009

I FEEL YUCKY! by guest blogger Gabe

I didn't want to eat my breakfast yesterday morning or Friday morning either.  My stomach felt yucky and this made me not be hungry.  Mom kept trying to entice me to eat by putting Parmesan cheese on my food, and that worked on Friday but not yesterday.  Then Mom scrambled an egg for me, but I only ate part of that.  Mom thought maybe I was feeling stressed because Hank was here.  Or maybe I felt bad because Dr. Patricia lowered the dose of meds I take for my IBD.  Or else it might be the fact that we have been changing to a different food.

Anyway, Mom knew something was wrong with me, even though she couldn't exactly figure it out.  Oh, and she also thought maybe my urinary tract infection had come back again.  So she called the vet's office and made an appointment for Monday.  She thought couldn't take me there yesterday because she and Aunt Cheryl were going to go play miniature golf to help raise money for retired greyhounds.  (Someday I will write an entry to tell you what I think of greyhounds, with two of whom I had a very traumatic experience, but it's a long story, and I don't feel like telling it right now.)

So I have this appointment for Monday, and they are going to take some blood away from me to send to the lab, and I can't have any breakfast before I go there.  Meanwhile, we continued our regular routine, which included going Walking With Dogs, and while Piper and Hank and I were out walking, I had some really bad diarrhea, which made Mom more worried than she was before.  So when we got home, she gave me some Imodium.

Then Mom and Aunt Cheryl went to play miniature golf, even though it was cold out, so they had to wear jackets and hats and gloves.  Well, Mom wore a hat and gloves, but Aunt Cheryl didn't.  Here's a picture of Mom playing golf.  Aunt Cheryl took it and it's kind of all blurry, but Aunt Cheryl said to tell you it was that way because she was shivering so much from the cold that she couldn't hold the camera still.  Ha!

And here's a picture of Aunt Cheryl trying to hit the ball into the mouth of a big, scary dragon, which is typical of the type of silly stuff you have to do when you play miniature golf.  I have never played miniature golf myself because dogs aren't allowed to play it.  If a dog played golf, the dog would probably just chase the ball and then chew it up, which would not be the right way to play the game, although it would be a more fun way to play!

Well, anyway, after Mom and Aunt Cheryl came home from playing golf, they decided I looked like I felt really icky and grumpy and maybe also dehydrated.  So since the clinic was still open, Mom called and talked to Nurse Debbie, and she said to bring me in.  That's how I ended up going to the vet's office yesterday even though I thought I was safe until Monday.

What they did to me at Dr. Patricia's office was take my temperature (which was normal), weigh me, listen to my heart, squeeze my insides, stick a needle in me to get a urine sample, try to get a poop sample (which they couldn't), give me some fluids underneath my skin, prescribe a bunch of pills for me, and make Mom pay a bunch of money.  And I still have to go back on Monday for the blood thing because I can't have any food before they steal my blood.

I didn't like all this stuff they did to me, but I have to admit that I was hungry enough to eat my supper last night and also this morning.  Mom didn't give me my regular food, though.  She gave me rice and scrambled egg, which was yummy.

Well, that's all I have to say right now about my health, even though I realize that it's an incredibly fascinating topic for everyone.  It's just that I think it may be time to take a nap!

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