Thursday, October 29, 2009

Looking Out the Window

There are many interesting things to be seen outside our house without even going out the door.  The way you see these things is to look out the window.  We have lots of windows, facing in four different directions, so we can see stuff all around us.  The only problem is that sometimes there are so many doggy nose prints on the window that it's kind of hard to get a clear view!

One of the best places to look out is the front windows in the living room.  Right now, when we look out there, we see a bunch of pretty leaves.

We also see other interesting things out the front windows, like people walking their dogs, children running through our yard, the mailman, the UPS man, squirrels, delivery trucks, and trash trucks.  Every Thursday, as I told you before, is Trash Day, so we see a truck that comes to pick up our trash and another one that comes to pick up the stuff to recycle.  But sometimes, a special truck comes to get the Big Trash.

A couple of weeks ago, the people who live across the street from us, and who are very shy and never speak to anybody much, put out a lot of Really Big Trash, and a truck came along and took it away.  Mom likes to watch the Big Trash Truck because it has a giant claw thing that can pick up whole refrigerators or sofas.  Here is a picture of the Big Trash Truck when it was picking up our neighbors' trash on a rainy day.

Another place we like to look out is the back windows.  Here's a picture of what our back yard looks like if you look out through the glass in the door.  That black spot way back in the yard is Mel.  He likes to roll around in the grass and lie in the sun.  Mom took this picture on Sunday, right after she mowed the grass, which she had only been meaning to do for about six weeks.  So she was very proud of how the yard looked.  Now it's got a bunch of leaves in it again.

Our neighbors have a trampoline, and sometimes kids jump on it.  The neighbors on the other side of us used to have a trampoline, too, but it broke, so now they have to use the other neighbors' trampoline.  The neighbors with the broken trampoline are going to get a new one, but they haven't got it yet.  Right now all they have is swings and a basketball goal.  I never see any dogs jumping on the trampoline, so I don't think it's anything that dogs like to do.  And anyway, it looks kind of scary to me!

If you look out our upstairs window, you can see Maggie's yard.  Maggie is a springer spaniel.  She is that kind of white spot behind that red spot in this photo.  Maggie is a hunting dog who goes out hunting real birds and stuff with her dad.  She has to stay outside in the yard a lot, which seems kind of sad to me.  When it's hot weather, she likes to sleep on top the patio table.  Maggie is sort of shy, so she doesn't bark at us or anything, like Henry does.  This means we don't fence-fight with her like we do with Henry.

Well, that's pretty much all I can tell you about the fascinating views from our windows.  I am just glad that I have a nice, warm house to live in and lots of windows to look out of, especially when it's raining, like it is this morning!

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