Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More About ME, by Gabe

There were lots more things I could have told you yesterday about myself and my fascinating life adventures, but Mom said my blog entry was getting too long, and she made me stop writing.  But I talked her into letting me write another entry today, and Piper was okay with that, so here I am again!

Well, anyway, if you remember, I was kind of sick while Hank and Aunt Cheryl were here, so I had to go to the vet.  We just finally got the lab results yesterday, and it turns out that my blood was A-Okay!  Also my urine was fine, too.  But my poop was not so good.  I have GIARDIA and WHIPWORMS!  No wonder I was having diarrhea!  So anyway, I will have to take some medicine called Panacur, and all the other dogs here will have to take it, too.  Also, Mom emailed Aunt Cheryl to tell her that Hank might need to get his poop tested.

I have had whipworms a few times before.  Piper and I got them one year when we went to the Basenji National.  At least that's where we think we got them.  But we might have got them from Mom because she might have tracked them home from the shelter on her shoes.  Anyway, once you get whipworms in your yard, you can't hardly get rid of them, so it's easy to end up with them inside you.  And Mom says we might get them by eating cat poop, which is extremely yummy, so we don't want to give up eating it, especially since the cats are nice enough to poop right in our own front yard sometimes.

Anyway, that's enough about that.  I do want to finish my greyhound story from yesterday, though.  I am all healed up from that event now, and my hair finally grew back in where it got shaved off, so I am not a patchwork quilt dog now.  I do have a few scars which make me look very rakish and handsome.

The only thing wrong is that when I go up the stairs, it hurts me, so I have to make several tries before I can go all the way up.  Mom thought that this was a "behavior problem" because she thought I was remembering how it used to hurt me to go up the stairs right after my injury, so I was afraid it might hurt again.  But when Aunt Cheryl was here, Mom asked her to watch me trying to go up the stairs.  Mom never really sees this, because she is already upstairs when I start trying to go up there.  What Aunt Cheryl saw was the truth about how it hurts me to go up, and how I have to sort of limp on my right hind leg.

So when Mom and Aunt Cheryl took me to see Dr. Patricia about all my other problems, they also told Dr. Patricia about how I couldn't go up stairs very well.  Dr. Patricia said maybe I have adhesions, which Mom didn't know anything about, and neither did I, except I knew that they hurt.  So we learned that adhesions are something you get after you have surgery, and they're like scar tissue inside you that makes things be attached to each other that aren't supposed to be attached, like muscles and organs and stuff.  It's sort of like having glue inside you or maybe duct tape.  Anyway, Dr. Patricia is going to talk to the doctor who did my surgery to find out how to tell for sure if I have adhesions or not.

Okay, well, I guess that is all the most important stuff about me that I want to tell you right now.  Oh, but Mom said I should tell you what happened to Angela and Lear, the mean, horrible greyhounds that attacked me.  Except Mom says they are not so mean and horrible, and she also says I am the kind of dog that invites other dogs to attack me.  Can you believe she would say such things about me, her own beloved basenji?!  Anyway, what happened with Angela and Lear is that they got put into separate foster homes because Mom told Aunt Cher that the two of them didn't seem all that dependent on each other.  And then Lear got adopted, and after a while Angela also got adopted.  So everything turned out fine for them, and you shouldn't worry about them.  And I don't ever want to talk about them again.  So there!


  1. Here's the Morton family....yep, Di & Dodi both sitting on my lap while I "try" to type. Di does a very good job of watching me type, but Dodi (of course) likes to jump at my fingers. OK..First, I must tell you Gabe I think you are so cute...oops...handsome! You just look like such a loving Basenji! Hey, I, too, have adhesions so I empathize with you. I have been offered to have surgery to take out/off the adhesions...but if surgery is the reason for adhesions...wouldn't I get adhesions again?? Time to sign off - another dr's appt. Oh yeah! Have a good day.
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I'm glad you can feel my pain, so to speak! Mom and I did some research on adhesions, and one thing we learned was that the surgery to fix them sometimes causes more adhesions (or maybe it's the same ones coming back again). Anyway, I am not sure what the answer is to the problem. If you figure it out, let me know, okay?
    Love, Gabe