Monday, October 5, 2009

My Big Picnic Adventure

Guess what!  Mom and I went to a picnic yesterday for Humane Society volunteers, and it was very exciting and very special because I was the ONLY DOG that Mom took with her!  Here are the reasons why I got to go and my brothers didn't:
1.  I am the only dog Mom can trust for sure not to bite anybody when we are out in public.
2.  A picnic would make good material for a blog entry.
3.  I am just so darned cute!

So anyway, Mom and I got in the car and we drove all the way to Shawnee Mission Park.  And when we got there, we went to Shelter House #8 to take our cookies that Mom bought at the store because she was too lazy to cook anything herself, especially since she was just out of town for two days.  And before we even got to the shelter house, I pooped.  But Mom had brought some poop bags because she knew this might happen.  She's a very smart mom in that way.

Then we got to explore all around the shelter house, which was extremely interesting because there were lots of good food smells.  There was this rock wall around part of the shelter house, and I jumped up on it to get a better view of the woods and the lake.  Mom said not to jump off the other side of the wall because it was too far down, but I didn't know what she was talking about because I don't have much experience with rock walls.  So I jumped off the other side, and then I was just hanging there by my leash and the collar around my neck, which did not feel very good!  And Mom had to rescue me by hauling me up by the neck, and I couldn't breathe, so it was scary!  As soon as I got back up, I decided I didn't want to ever get on the wall again, but Mom put me up there to pose for a photo, which I agreed to do only as a way of thanking her for saving my life.  And after that I didn't go anywhere near the wall again!

Lots of people came to the picnic, and most of them brought their dogs.  I sniffed butts with several of the dogs who had nice manners, but some of the dogs just got right in my face and stared rudely at me, so I had to snark at them to let them know what I thought of their behavior.  Here's a photo of me meeting a dog named Henry.  This is not the same Henry that lives next door to us.  The Henry in this photo belongs to Aunt Jana, and he is old and he walks sort of funny.  But he is nice and I did not snark at him.

After that, all the people started eating.  Mom tied me to the picnic table while she was eating.  Then she started giving me some of her food, which surprised me because she never does that at home.  It was totally yummy food, too, like pieces of bacon that came out of the baked beans, and shredded meat, and veggie lasagna, and potatoes with cheesy stuff.  I was really astounded that Mom would do this, but I thought if she wanted to behave badly in this way, I would encourage her by doing a little begging, so I did!

Then after the people ate, there was this cake that was made of peanut butter, and it was just for the dogs!  A nice lady brought me a piece of it which Mom thought was kind of big for me, but she let me have the whole piece anyway.  I had trouble eating it, though, because it was too big to pick up and chew, so I kept licking it, and then the peanut butter got stuck in my mouth.  So I had to smack my lips and use my tongue to try to get it all unstuck.  Then Mom broke up my piece of cake into little chunks that were much more suited for my dainty mouth, and I ate the whole thing up.

Some of the dogs that were there started playing together, but they were just rowdy young dogs that didn't know how to behave properly in a public setting.  And guess what!  There were TWO OTHER DOGS there who were also named PIPER!  And one was a samoyed, and the other was an Aussie with blue eyes.  You can see the Aussie Piper in this photo, playing with a boy dog named Zeus.  Of course, of the three Pipers, I was the cutest one and the best behaved!

At the end of the picnic, everybody and their dogs got together and posed for a photo.  I was sitting by some Boston terriers that I wasn't sure if I liked or not.  Mom said I shouldn't do any snarking, though, because we were busy posing for a picture, so I didn't.

Then we drove home, and I slept all the way home because I was tired from such a Big Adventure.  And when we got home, my brothers sniffed me all over and were jealous because I had so many fascinating smells on me.  Then we all had Supper of Dogs, but Mom made my supper very small, for some reason. Mom said she hopes I don't get diarrhea, but if I do, it will all be her fault for giving me all that tasty People Food to eat!


  1. Good to be back online w/you Piper. I just finished catching up w/you....I think my last reading was last Thursday. Anyway, sounds like you had a great day yesterday and although I know you and your family do not enjoy your mom being away.....I'm glad she was able to reconnect w/former classmates and intructors.
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,
    I'm glad you can get online again and read my blog! I hope your knee is feeling okay. I know all about knee surgery. Did you have to stay in a crate when you first came home from the hospital? I did.
    Bye now!

  3. Piper, you are too prolific. You know too much.
    I cannot keep up with you. I guess I am just too human.

    Uncle Joe