Thursday, October 15, 2009

They're coming today! Oboyoboyoboy!

Hank and Aunt Cheryl will be here in just a few hours!  We are all very excited about this!  Mom has been cleaning the house for two whole days, and she is tired.  Well, mostly she is just tired of cleaning.  Our house doesn't get cleaned this thoroughly very often because Mom is too lazy.  Oh!  I forgot!  Mom said I should not say she is lazy -- I should say that cleaning the house is not one of her top priorities!

Anyway, Mom even mopped the kitchen floor, which is something she doesn't do very often.  When we got our kitchen remodeled, Mom chose some tile that is the color of dried mud.  She did this so that doggy footprints would not show, and mostly they don't show too much.  But what happened was that the place where Mom stands when she feeds us and gives us treats got really dirty.  This is because if the slightest tiny bit of food is dropped there, we lick it up off the floor.  You would think that four dog tongues would make the floor look all clean and polished, but somehow it just ended up looking dirty.

Mom had to use a scrub brush to clean the floor, and this did not make her very happy.  We dogs are not happy because now the floor smells like Spic-n-Span, and it tastes icky when we lick it.  Then almost as soon as Mom finished mopping the floor, it started raining outside, and now there is new mud to track in so we can start making the floor dirty again.  This is why Mom does not like to mop the floor.  She says there is just no point in doing it!

But the house is all clean now.  Mom even cleaned the cobwebs off the ceiling.  Personally, I never look at the ceiling because it is too high up.  So I didn't even know there were cobwebs up there.  But Mom looks at the ceiling sometimes, so she knew there were cobwebs and she made them go away.  And she made the whole house clean, so she is happy.

And soon Hank and Aunt Cheryl will be here, which makes us ALL of us very, very happy!

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