Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Three Dogs You Should Adopt......and a Cat!

Mom said it was time again for me to write about some of the poor, homeless animals at the Humane Society where she volunteers.  So I decided to tell you about three small dogs there.  And Mom said I should also talk about cats sometime, so I guess I will talk about one of them, too.

Anyway, first I will tell you about the small dogs because I am sort of a small dog myself, and I think small dogs are special.  Lots of people like to adopt small dogs because small dogs don't take up as much space in their house as big dogs do.  Also they eat a lot less food.  And another nice thing about small dogs is that they are portable.  Some dogs that are really small can be carried around in a bag that you hang on your shoulder like a purse.  Or you can wear them in a little kind of papoose sack on the front of you, like a baby.  So as you can tell, there are several advantages to having a small dog.

Okay, the first dog I'm going to talk about is a chihuahua named Poppi.  He is a very cute little dog, which is only natural, since he is black-and-white like me.  When Poppi came to the Humane Society, one of his eyes had been hurt, but I don't know how it got hurt.  Anyway, now he only has one eye.  But that doesn't really matter to Poppi.  He is still a friendly, happy guy, and he likes other dogs.  If you need a small dog to sit on your lap, Poppi would be a very good dog for you to adopt.

The second dog I'm going to tell you about is named Taco.  She is a toy fox terrier who is 5 years old.  Taco is brown and white spotted, and she has a short, stubby tail that she likes to wag.  Also she needs to lose a little weight, or at least that's what Mom thinks.  Mom really likes Taco because Taco has "an attitude."  Mom says that Taco is very funny to watch when she is playing because she really, really, really loves toys.  Taco likes to shake toys and break their necks.  Then she shakes them some more, and then she pulls out their guts.  This, of course, is the way dogs are supposed to play with toys, so I'm not sure what is so funny.  But sometimes there's just no predicting what Mom will find amusing.  Taco can be a little bossy with other dogs, but she gets along fine with any dog who doesn't mind letting her be Queen.

The third dog is Sasha.  She is supposed to be a chihuahua mix, but she is pretty big for a chihuahua.  She is about a year old.  I think Sasha looks like a miniature husky or maybe a miniature German Shepherd.  The Humane Society website says that Sasha weighs 12 pounds, but Mom thinks she is more like 15 pounds now or maybe more.  When Sasha first got to the shelter, she was very, very shy.  But now she is much friendlier, at least with people she has met.  The reason Sasha ended up at the shelter was because her people had too many dogs, and some of the dogs got taken away from them.

Well, now I will tell you about a cat.  This cat is named Peter.  He is black-and-white like me, so that makes him quite handsome.  Peter is Mom's favorite cat at the shelter, although she spends more time with the dogs than with the cats, so she doesn't know the cats very well.  But Mom says if she could adopt a cat, she would adopt Peter.  Except Mom can't adopt a cat because we already have our legal limit of animals, plus Gabe would probably try to kill any cat that lived here.

But back to Peter.  He is 6 years old, and he has been at the shelter for several years, so he really needs a home of his very own.  Peter has food allergies, and he has to eat a special kind of food, but as long as he has that kind of food, he is fine.  Also Peter is a little shy, but Mom says that if you just go and sit with him and pet him, he will get all friendly and start purring.

Okay, I've done my duty and told you about some of the animals that need homes.  Now you need to do your duty and go adopt them -- or at least tell your friends and relatives to go adopt them!

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