Friday, November 6, 2009

Another Exciting Update

You will never guess what happened yesterday evening while Mom was eating supper.  Two big, red fire trucks came and stopped right in the middle of our street, right in front of our house!  They had all their lights flashing and Mom didn't know what was going on.  She thought maybe our house was on fire, but we hadn't noticed yet.  Or maybe our smoke alarm thingy went off by mistake and called the fire department like happened one other time.

Anyway, Mom went outside, and she found out that it was HENRY'S HOUSE that was on fire!  Well, the whole house wasn't exactly on fire.  What happened was that a candle fell over and set the sofa on fire.  But everybody got out and nobody was hurt and the house didn't burn down.  So it was a happy ending, and Mom was able to finish eating her supper.

That was the most exciting part of my update, but this next part is pretty good, too:  Mel's boo-boo on his foot got all healed up, so Mom stopped making him wear the Bite-Not collar.  Mel is very happy about this, and we are all glad to know that he doesn't have cancer on his foot.

Gabe is still taking pills for his giardia, but he only has to take them for one more day.  We all took Panacur for five days, and so now we probably don't have any whipworms.  Oh, and Gabe's back is feeling better.  He doesn't have to try as many times to go up the stairs.  Mom is making us go for longer walks, but so far the walks are not very much longer, just a little longer.

The weather is really warm and nice, which makes us want to go outside and sit in the sun.  Gabe and I like to sit on the patio and look for squirrels that we can chase.  The squirrels are running around all the time in our yard now because we have lots of acorns there.  And we also are starting to have lots of dead leaves, so Mom has done some raking.  She thinks she will do more raking today.

Anyway, it's hard to believe it's November because the weather is so not like November weather.  It seems more like September, except with lots more dead leaves.  I think maybe this means that the prediction of a mild winter that the woolly worm made is already starting to come true.  Maybe it will just stay warm all winter and there won't be any snow, and then it will be spring!  That would make it kind of like Houston, I guess.

Hmm, let's see what else I can update you about.  Oh, remember the boxer named Grover that I talked about?  He was the one with all the scars and the bum leg because he got hit by a car.  Well, yesterday Grover went to his new forever home!  He has a mom and a dad and two boxer siblings.  And now his name is Newman.  So we are all very happy for him.

Oh, and guess what else!  We had to eat CAT FOOD for the last two days, and here's why:  Mom went to the Brookside Barkery on Monday to buy us some Orijen 6-Fish Formula food, and she bought a 15-pound bag.  Then she brought it home, and since we had finished eating up the old food, she opened the new bag and poured it into the big, magical food canister.  And then she fed us our supper, and after that, she finally noticed that the Orijen 6-Fish Formula food she bought was for CATS instead of for DOGS!

So we ate cat food after that because Mom didn't have time to go back to the store until yesterday, and I will just mention that it was very yummy cat food!  Mom was going to buy a 15-pound bag of Orijen 6-Fish Formula dog food and just mix it with the cat food, but they didn't have any bags of the dog food, except in the 29-pound size.  So that's what Mom bought, and she mixed it with the cat food, and now we are eating both cat and dog food.  I just hope that eating cat food will not make us turn into cats because I really prefer being a dog!

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  1. Hey, Piper, you and Gabe are already part cat, so don't worry about it - but Mel might have a problem! ;)

    I mix a spoon of Maggie the Cat's wet cat food into Ruby's kibble and green beans at every meal to bind it all together; that, plus Ruby really likes the smell of cat food. Oddly enough, Maggie doesn't care for dog food!