Monday, November 9, 2009


As you probably already know, FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  But it can also stand for Foxes Are Quick or for Felines Are Quirky.  In my blog, though, when I say FAQ, I mean Frequently Asked Questions.  

The reason why I decided to put some FAQ in my blog is because I recently realized that sometimes humans have important questions about dogs that I can answer for them because of the fact that I am a dog.  So every once in a while, I will try to answer some of these questions right here in my blog.  I will start by answering four FAQs today.

FAQ #1:  Why do dogs like to wade through the biggest, deepest piles of dead leaves?
A:  This is easy!  It's because there are lots of fascinating smells lurking in piles of leaves, and if you walk through the leaves, it stirs up the smells so you can smell them better.  Then while you are in the leaves, you can create your own special scent messages for the next dog to discover.

FAQ #2:  Why do dachshunds have those long bodies and stubby little legs?
A:  The short answer is that they were bred to look funny like that!  But the reason for breeding them that way is because dachshunds were used to hunt badgers, who like to live in holes in the ground.  In fact, in German, dachs hund means "badger dog."  Besides hunting badgers, dachshunds can also hunt rabbits or foxes, which like to live in holes, too.  So dachshunds were designed to be long and round, which is the same shape as a hole that a badger lives in.  Since they are exactly the right shape, dachshunds can crawl or dig into the hole with no problem.  And if they happen to get stuck in the hole, they were bred to have tails that are long enough so that people can grab the tails and pull the dachshunds out!

FAQ #3:  Why do dogs turn around several times before lying down in their beds?
A:  Dogs do this because they are trampling down the imaginary grass in order to make a soft and cozy nest to sleep in.  Also by turning around and around, they make themselves a little more tired so that they will sleep better.

FAQ #4:  Why do basenjis have those curly tails?
A:  To make them look more adorable, of course!

Okay, that's all the questions I'm going to answer for now.  It's exhausting being such a smart little dog with so many answers to life's questions!

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