Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mom Is NUTS!

Mom spent almost all day out running around yesterday, shopping and doing silly stuff like that.  All she wants to do lately is go to thrift stores.  This might be okay if she bought some nice blankies or something for us dogs, but mostly she just buys stuff for herself. 

Anyway, yesterday she went to two thrift stores and to Borders and to Michael's and to the hardware store and to the drug store and to the grocery store.  And then when she got home, she insisted on doing laundry and raking leaves instead of helping me write my blog entry. After which, she just watched TV all evening.  I can't believe she has her priorities so wrong!

I guess maybe I haven't mentioned that Mom does help me just a little bit with my blog.  Mainly she is my Chief Research Assistant, but she also helps me do tricky stuff on the computer, like uploading photos sometimes.  And she won't let me use the computer when she is not home; otherwise, we wouldn't have this problem!  She even keeps the door to her office closed when she is away because she does not want any dogs tearing up the dog beds.  This is very frustrating, as far as I'm concerned.

But the point is that I haven't had time to do any research or write anything, so this is not going to be much of a blog entry.  

What I can tell you, though, is that Gabe is feeling much better now, and he eats all his meals just fine.  So that makes us very happy.

Also I will tell you that Mom and I just finished reading a book about Dog Paintings that were painted between 1840 and 1940.  Well, okay, mostly we just looked at the pictures, but that's what you're supposed to do with a book about art, right?

Here are a couple of paintings that were in the book.  They are both by English painters.  This first one is by George Earl, and it's a bulldog -- in case you couldn't tell by looking!  Mr. Earl had a daughter named Maud, and she also painted lots of dogs.  We were looking for a painting by Maud Earl to show you, but we couldn't find one on Wikimedia Commons, and like I said, we didn't have time to look elsewhere.

Here's another painting, and it was done by a man named Philip Reinagle, who also did a whole bunch of dog paintings.  I don't know why all these guys liked to paint bulldogs, but they did.  There were a bunch of other types of dogs in the book, though.  But there were no basenjis.  This is probably because all the basenjis were still in Africa at the time.

Okay, that's all I have time to write.  Bye!

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