Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mom's Kids

Mom was hogging the computer like almost ALL DAY yesterday, so I couldn't write my blog entry until almost bedtime!  You would think she would be nicer and more courteous about sharing, but sometimes she's just not.  And what was she doing all day on the computer?  She was writing letters to her kids!

You might be thinking that Mom doesn't have any kids, and you would be right, at least in a technical sense.  Of course, she has us furkids, but like I told you before, we are just her pretend kids.  What I didn't tell you yet was that Mom has some other pretend kids.  These are human kids, and they live in all different countries around the world.  Mom calls them her sponsored kids.

The reason they are called this is because Mom sends some money every month to sponsor them.  The money doesn't go straight to the kids because they would probably just spend it on bubble gum or something dumb like that.  Instead, the money goes to an organization, and it is used to do nice things for the communities where the kids live, like build schools and toilets and clinics and that kind of stuff.

Anyway, Mom sponsors a whole bunch of kids.  There are 21 of them, in fact, not that anybody is counting!  Mom likes being a sponsor, but sometimes she gets way behind on writing letters to her kids, so then she has to try to catch up.  That's what she was doing yesterday, but she's not quite all caught up yet.

The newest kid that Mom is sponsoring is named Inza, and he lives in Africa in a country called Mali.  It's possible that there are basenjis in Mali, but we don't know for sure.  Mom used to sponsor a boy named Amadou in Mali, but then his community started doing so well that Mom got assigned a different boy to sponsor, and that's how she got Inza.  Inza is 6 years old, and he will be 7 on New Year's Day, so he's almost as old as me.

The kid that Mom has sponsored the longest is named Larisa, and she lives in Peru.  Mom has even been to Peru and got to meet Larisa and her family.  Larisa is 16 now.  She has lots of younger brothers, so maybe Mom can sponsor one of them when Larisa gets too old to sponsor.

The youngest sponsored kid is a girl in Sri Lanka, and her name is Darshika.  Mom just got a new picture of her, and it's lots better than the first picture she got, so that makes Mom happy.

Eva is the oldest sponsored kid.  She lives in the Philippines, and she is 18.  Mom chose her to sponsor because she has the same first name as Mom has.

Mostly all the kids live in different countries because Mom likes variety.  But she sponsors two girls who live in Ecuador.  Their names are Daniela and Xiomara.  Mom would like to go visit them and also see the Galapagos Islands, but she can't really afford to go there now because of the Bad Economy.

Well, that's all I'm going to tell you about Mom's sponsored kids.  Frankly, I find it more interesting to talk about myself or about Important Topics for Dogs.  But since Mom was hogging the computer all day, like I told you, I couldn't really do any research to write about stuff I wanted to write about.

If you happen to want to know more about Mom's sponsored kids, you can see pictures of all of them here:  And maybe tomorrow I can write about something that my doggy and kitty readers will find more interesting.

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