Wednesday, November 18, 2009

RAIN and SNOW and COLD, Oh My!

It's been raining for three days now, and I'm here to tell you that I'm tired of it!  No dog should have to live in these miserable conditions!  And guess what!  We had SNOW Monday night.  When we went to bed, there wasn't any snow, but when we woke up yesterday morning, there it was!  Mom said it didn't count as "real" snow because there wasn't very much of it and it all melted by noon, but it still had that cold, wet quality like real snow has.  Here's a photo of our front yard with snow in it.

And here's a picture of geraniums blooming in the snow, which never happens, really, because geraniums are usually all dead by now.

We didn't go out Walking With Dogs for two days because of the rain, but yesterday it stopped raining and snowing, so Mom put jackets on Gabe and me and took us out.  But I didn't want to walk because it was cold and wet and I don't like wearing a jacket.  Besides, I had already pooped, so there was absolutely no reason why I should be forced to go for a walk.  And to make sure Mom got my point, I just stopped in the middle of the street and refused to go any further.  Mom kept trying to coax and drag me along, but I DID NOT WANT TO GO!  So she gave up and took me back to the house.

Then she walked Gabe all by himself, which he said he liked.  That dog is totally crazy, if you want my opinion!  But anyway, Mom knew Gabe needed to walk because he was full of poop, and sure enough, he pooped three times while they were out walking, which made Mom happy.

Then Mom took Mel and Barry out for a walk, and they had a Good Adventure because they found a DEAD SQUIRREL just lying in somebody's yard.  But Mom wouldn't let them eat it, even though it was sort of fresh and its insides were probably still quite yummy.  Mom sure does know how to spoil a dog's fun!

Here's a picture of Gabe and me looking out the back window.  We couldn't believe that Mom was out in the yard, taking pictures.

Believe me, the only sensible thing to do on a day like this is curl up and sleep, which is what we did most of the day.

Mom is worried about Gabe because he doesn't want to eat again.  This is one reason why I am convinced he is crazy!  Either that or he is really smart, and he pretends not to be hungry so that Mom will make some really tasty scrambled eggs for him, which she did last night for his supper.  Also Gabe's back is hurting, so he has trouble going up the stairs.  Mom says she is just glad that the rest of us dogs are okay.  Well, except that Mel needs to have his teeth cleaned, but Mom is waiting until next month to do that because she already spent so much money on fixing the car.

Today it's still cloudy and yucky-looking outside, but at least there's no snow and it's not raining either.  Tomorrow the weatherman says the sun will come out, but who knows if we can believe him.  I think I will just take another nap and wait to see what happens.

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