Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Some Very Nice Kitties to Adopt

Mom went to the Humane Society today, like she usually does on Mondays.  She played with some dogs, and she also went in the cat room for a while.  She told me she was doing research on the cats so that I could write about them in my blog.  And since she went to all the trouble to do that, I guess I will now have to write about them.  Not that there is anything wrong with cats, of course.  They can't help it that they aren't dogs, and some people even like cats better than they like dogs, although I don't understand why!

Oh, but first, do you remember Michelle, the older black-and-white kitty that I told you about before?  Well, Mom found out today that Michelle is getting adopted this week!  I wish I could say that one of my faithful blog readers was adopting her, but that's not really what happened.  It turns out that a lady who adopted a cat from the Humane Society about 3 years ago has been thinking about adopting Michelle ever since then, and she finally decided to do it!

Anyway, even though it's too late for you to adopt Michelle, there are plenty of other cats that need homes.  So the first cat I will tell you about is named Al.  He is a grey tabby with some pretty white markings, and he is a year and a half old.  Al has one foot that looks really weird because it is mostly bare skin without any fur.  It's his left hind foot.  We don't know exactly what happened to Al's foot, but maybe it got caught in a trap or in a dog's mouth or something.  Anyway, he had to have some new pieces of skin put on there to fix it, but now it is fine.  Well, except for looking funny.  But that doesn't really matter because Al is a very friendly, playful kitty, and he gets along with the other cats, which is always a good thing!

The next cat is Pella, and she is only 6 months old.  She is what is called a tortoiseshell, although I'm not sure what tortoises have to do with cats that are marked like that.  Mom told me that calicos and torties are always females.  This has something to do with their genes, but I'm not sure how it works.  The way that Pella got to the shelter is that somebody found her at an apartment building, and she had been shot by a pellet gun.  She's all healed up now, and she'd really like to have a nice family to live with.

And speaking of tortoiseshells, here's another one, and guess what her name is -- it's Piper!  I think this is an excellent name for a very pretty kitty.  Piper is a year and a half old.  She's playful and friendly, and she gets along fine with other cats.

Here's a kitty named Edith.  She's 6 years old, and she's been declawed on her front feet.  Edith is very sweet and friendly, and she really likes attention.  Edith came from Kansas City, KS Animal Control, which is where most of the cats and dogs at the Humane Society come from now.  This is because there is a special program called Ray of Hope that is helping the Animal Control shelter not have to kill as many animals as they used to.  The program has been going for about a year now, and it's working really well.

This next cat is named Kramer.  He is a Siamese mix, so that's why he has blue eyes and looks kind of cross-eyed.  Kramer is 2 years old, and he's a very friendly, big cat.  Mom wishes she could adopt him herself because he is so nice, and also she really likes the way he looks.

This last cat is Keiren, who's mostly all black except for a little tiny bit of white on his chest.  Keiren is a year and a half old.  He is very, very friendly, and he loves to sit on your lap.  There's nothing unlucky about Keiren, even though black cats are supposed to be unlucky.  In fact, Keiren had good luck when somebody left him in a box outside the Humane Society.  It was lucky that he got to live at the shelter instead of being dumped on the street someplace.  But of course, it would be even luckier for him if he could find a forever home!

Okay, one last thing.  Remember the pitbull named Fletch that I told you about?  The one that was used as a bait dog?  Well, Fletch is in a contest sponsored by the ASPCA.  If he gets enough votes, he can be one of the three winners of the contest.  Anybody can vote.  You just need to go here:   http://www.aspcapro.org/feature/shelter-dog-vote.html   

You have until November 29 to vote, but don't put it off because you might forget to do it!  Fletch said to tell you "Thanks!"

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