Friday, November 27, 2009

What I Did on Thanksgiving

Well, mostly Thanksgiving was a day like lots of other days, which means I did a lot of napping and Important Stuff like that.  It was sunny, which was good.  I like sunniness a lot.  We went Walking with Dogs in the morning, like we usually do, but it was COLD out!  The wind chill was in the 20s.  We saw a man running with his dog, and this man had shorts on and NO SHIRT!  We think he was probably totally crazy!

Mom was going to go to a movie yesterday, but then she decided to stay home because it's nicer staying home with us dogs than it is going to a movie.  Except she didn't say that, exactly.  What she said was she had a lot of things to do here at home.

One of the things she did was clean the house, which she doesn't do very often, as I told you before.  I thought maybe that meant that Hank and Aunt Cheryl were coming to visit again, but Mom said they weren't coming.  Instead, Uncle Joe and Uncle Tom are coming later this morning, and that's why Mom wanted to clean the house.  Maybe you remember that Uncle Joe and Uncle Tom are Mom's professor friends from college, and she stayed with them when she went to Homecoming.

Anyway, they are just coming over to see some paintings that Mom has, and to have a little visit.  They are not staying overnight, like Aunt Cheryl and Hank did.  Barry and Mel will have to go in the bedroom with the door closed while our guests are here so that nobody gets a dog bite.

Mom had to use the noisy vacuum cleaner in order to clean the house, so that made all us dogs kind of nervous.  We had to keep going from one room to another to get away from the noisy vacuum, which made it hard to take a nap.  But before Mom started cleaning, she hung out with us for a while in the Sun Room, which is what she sometimes calls the room where she keeps her plants.  And while we were hanging out, Mom took some pictures of us hanging out.

Then in the evening, we had Supper of Dogs, like usual, and then Mom made a fire in the fireplace, and we watched a movie on TV.  So it was a very nice Thanksgiving Day, especially since Mom stayed home all day, which she is not going to do today because she and Aunt LaDene are going to go out and do some shopping after Uncle Tom and Uncle Joe leave.

Today is called Black Friday because everybody goes shopping, and all the people who are shopping end up with their credit card bills in the red, but the merchants end up selling lots of stuff, so they are in the black.  At least I think that's how it works.  Anyway, black is better than red.  I know that for sure because I am a black-and-white basenji, and I am cuter than any red-and-white basenji!

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