Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baby, it's COLD out there!

It is very, very, very cold here, and I don't like it at all!  Yesterday when we got up, there was about an inch of snow on the ground, and the temperature was 10 degrees.  That might not have been so bad, except that the wind was blowing a whole bunch, so the wind chill was 8 below zero.  I went out and peed, but I could not stay out long enough to poop.  I had to wait and do that later in the afternoon.

This morning it was even colder!  The temperature went down to TWO, and the wind chill was MINUS THIRTEEN!  Mom made me wear a sweater to bed last night, but as soon as I got up this morning, I took it off.  I also showed Gabe how to take his sweater off, so now we are more like normal, naked dogs.

Here's a picture that Mom took of me a couple of years ago.  She calls this picture "It's too snowy for my butt" because I was trying to avoid sitting down on the snow.  Of course, anybody would avoid sitting in the snow.  That is only common sense.  But Mom thinks this picture is very funny, for some reason.

Gabe has been wearing a sweater every day to keep warm.  We have many dog sweaters at our house, in several different sizes.  This tan sweater looks really good on Gabe, but after Mom bought it last year, she realized that it is not designed properly for a boy dog.  This is because if a boy dog is wearing the sweater and then he lifts his leg to pee, well, you might have to wash the sweater afterwards!  

On Tuesday morning, Mom did not give us dogs any breakfast, and then she took Mel and me to Dr. Patricia's office.  Mel had to stay there all day because he got his teeth cleaned.  I didn't have to stay very long, though, because I just had to give them some blood for a thyroid test, and also I had my toenails trimmed.  Then I got to go home with Mom and eat breakfast.

When Mel came home later with clean teeth, he started licking his leg where the needle thingy was.  Mom tried everything to get him to leave it alone, but he just kept licking it.  So Mom went in the basement and got the Cone of Shame, and she put it on Mel.  Then Mel stood around looking like maybe his life was over because he couldn't even walk without running into stuff.  And he couldn't lie down or go out in the yard or anything.  Mel was very, very sad.  But then Mom remembered that she could just put the basket muzzle on Mel instead of the Cone of Shame.  So she did that, and Mel has been wearing it ever since.  Well, except when he's eating, of course.

This afternoon, Gabe is going to visit Dr. Kiel, who is an eye doctor for animals.  She's very nice, but the first time Gabe went there, he tried to bite her because he was scared.  He didn't try to bite her the second time, though.  Gabe has to go see Dr. Kiel sometimes because he has PRA, which stands for Progressive Retinal Atrophy.  This is a fancy way of saying that he might go blind someday.  But he might not, either.  So far, his eyes have not gotten any worse, so maybe he won't go blind at all.  I hope not, because I don't want to have to lead him around everywhere, and I think he would look funny using a white cane.

But the reason Gabe is going to the eye doctor is because he has a bunch of eye goopy all the time.  This is what Mom calls it, anyway.  Mom thought Gabe had this because of his allergies, and that it would go away when it got to be a different season, but it has not gone away, so Mom made an appointment with Dr. Kiel.  And also it was about time for Dr. Kiel to look at Gabe's PRA again.

So I guess that's all I have to tell you today.  Oh, but did I mention that it's REALLY COLD outside???


  1. YEP it is cold outside. I actually went outside today; 2nd time since my surgery that I've left the house. One of my dearest friends; an elderly guy took me to the grocery store. He uses a cane and doesn't get around very I'm sure we looked like some odd couple. Must say I was glad to get back home and stay inside. Once again, I learned something new from your blog - I didn't know that animals had eye doctors! Duh...I assumed the vet took care of everything, but that's silly since people don't go to their family doctor for eye problems. Have a good evening...I read your blog later than usual today.
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Piper-

    It's cold here too! My brothers and I have to wear my coat when we go out. I don't mind too much because mom made my coat especially for me. It's purple with 2 bone buttons on it that have real faux diamond on it. Mom made special coats for my brothers too, but it's shorter on the belly cuz their boys and their coats don't have real faux diamonds on it. You can see a picture of the boyz in their coats here:
    and the next two pics also. But it was before mom made my coat. She needed to experiment on the boys' coats so she could do a perfect job on mine.

    And speaking of perfect, I have some really exciting news. A couple of weeks ago, I got my first agility title because I'm so talented. I got a NAP, which stands for Novice Agility Perferred title. It sounds like you should get that title for sleeping, but you can't. Mom says I'm still "in training" but we haven't done much training because it's too cold and all our 'gility equipment is covered in snow.

    Zest the superstar in training, now with NAP!

  3. Hi, my Golden Retriever Trevor has PRA. No symptoms yet. I've done a lot of research on ways to delay onset. Here is a link to my website:


    Katie and Trevor

  4. Wow! I got a lot of comments today! I guess cold weather and PRA are popular subjects. Well, first I will say to Aunt Patty that I hope you are being careful when you go out because you don't want to slip and fall down on the ice. But maybe you knew that already! And the other thing I will say is that there are LOTS of veterinary specialists these days, like for instance eye doctors, skin doctors, cancer doctors, internists, surgeons, and even dentists! A lot of times, regular vets refer their patients to specialists so they can get more "special" care. Which is good, except for the fact that it costs a bunch of money, as Mom will tell you!

    Okay, now I will say to my friend Zest that I am really proud of you for winning that NAP title. If they gave it out for sleeping, I think I would enter the competition, too! I looked at the pictures of your coats, and I think they look very warm and pretty. Your mom is really talented because she can cook and also sew!

    And then I would like to say to my new friends, Katie and Trevor, that you should be sure to read my blog tomorrow because Gabe will tell you all about his visit to the eye doctor. I looked at your website, and I saw some good suggestions there that I will pass along to Mom and to Gabe.

    Thanks, Everybody, for reading my blog and for writing comments!

    Your friend, Piper