Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Doing Christmas Stuff

As you might have noticed, Christmas is coming pretty soon.  It's actually hard not to notice this, unless you live in a cave or maybe on the moon.  This is because every year the Christmas season gets a little longer.  The Christmas season used to start the day after Thanksgiving, but now it starts the day after Independence Day.

When it comes to Christmas trees, though, some people wait as late as September before putting them up.  Other people just leave their trees up all year long, which has the advantage for boy dogs of always having a convenient place to pee in the house.  Girl dogs mostly just use some out-of-the-way spot on the carpet.  We don't need a whole tree to pee on, like boys do.

At our house, we don't really celebrate Christmas, just like we don't really celebrate any other holidays.  Mom says that at our house, every day is special.  I think she is just saying this so we aren't always asking her why she hasn't cooked a turkey or a ham for whatever holiday other people are celebrating.

Of course, Mom has a good reason for not celebrating Christmas, which is because she's Jewish.  Except we don't do Jewish holidays either.  If we did, we would probably have had some latkes with sour cream on them for supper last night because it was the fourth night of Hanukkah.  But like I said, we don't celebrate Jewish holidays because Mom is not very religious anymore.  In fact, these days she thinks there probably isn't even a god.  Personally, I don't care what Mom thinks about religion, as long as she keeps feeding us!

So anyway, what I was going to say about Christmas was that even if you don't celebrate it, you still can't exactly ignore it, and this is because almost everybody else is celebrating it.  So it's the kind of thing that sort of sucks you in, whether you like it or not.  An example of this is how Mom had to spend two days last week doing her Christmas cards, but now she got them sent out, and she is very happy about that.

Then Mom had to go to a Christmas concert and a Christmas play, and on Saturday night she went to a reception thingy that the board of the Humane Society had for all the nice people that gave lots of money to help the poor, homeless dogs and cats.  And Sunday Mom went to the cactus club Christmas party.

But ever since Mom finished all her Christmas stuff she had to do, she has been really, really happy!  Now she has more time to help me write in my blog.  And more time to watch TV and DVDs.  And more time to take naps!  Yes, Mom is a very happy person now.  Well, except for having eaten way too much at the parties she went to, so now she is fat and has to eat less for a while.

I'm happy that Mom is happy because she can spend more time with us dogs, which is what she is supposed to be doing anyway.  Because when Mom spends time with us, that's what makes every day special, just like a holiday!

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