Wednesday, December 30, 2009


FAQ #1:  Why do some dogs drool so much?

A:  Some breeds of dogs have really loose skin around their mouths, so the drool just kind of falls out of their mouths.  I guess they can't help it, but I think it's sort of gross, personally.  Some examples of dogs that slobber a lot are St. Bernards, basset hounds, bloodhounds, and bullmastifs.  Also sometimes dogs start drooling when they smell yummy food or when they are excited or when they are feeling stressed.  If you have a dog that drools a lot, you may have to carry a towel around with you to mop up the drool.

FAQ #2:  Why do dogs eat grass?
A:  Dogs eat grass when their tummies are feeling upset.  If they eat grass, it can make them puke, and puking can make them feel better.  I know this for a fact because I have eaten grass before when my tummy felt funny.  Then I puked, and after that I felt better.  Also, grass just tastes good sometimes.  I especially like to eat new grass in the spring because it is very yummy.  My favorite kind of grass to eat is crabgrass.

FAQ #3:  Are dogs mentioned in the Bible?
A:  Yes, dogs are mentioned fourteen times.  But mostly, dogs are just mentioned in passing.  They don't get any starring roles in biblical stories, which I think is rather sad.  Even donkeys get better stories written about them in the Bible, and donkeys aren't even Man's Best Friend!

FAQ #4:  Why do dogs have whiskers?
A:  Whiskers are very important because they are really sensitive and they can feel all kinds of things, like even which direction the air is going.  It's very useful to have whiskers to feel stuff that we can't see, such as things that go bump in the night.  Also whiskers make us look cuter.

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