Friday, December 18, 2009

Funny Pictures

This is the merriest season of the year.  Except for when it's stressful!  So I thought that everyone would feel better if they saw a funny picture or two that made them smile.  All of these photos are in the public domain, so do not call the cyber police!  I found them on a website that has lots of free wallpaper photos.  At our house, we have a Mac, so we call them "desktop photos" instead of "wallpaper," but it means the same thing.  Anyway,  if you want to get some free wallpaper for your very own computer, you can go here.

First of all, I will share some photos of cats.  I am doing this as a courtesy to my kitty readers and also because my doggy readers might enjoy laughing at cats.

Here's a cat hunting a mouse.

And here's a cat who is telling the neighbor dog to buzz off.

These cats have the right idea about getting out of the rain!

And now for some dog photos that my kitty readers can laugh at!  This dog is clearly blogging.

And here's a dog who has cleverly learned to open the fridge.

This dog is probably named Liberace.

And this one is sharing some quality time with his dad.

This photo shows why you shouldn't drive too fast with your dog in the back seat!

And here's the last one.  It's a sign posted by a man who loves his dog very much.

Are you smiling yet?  I hope so!

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