Friday, December 11, 2009

It's All About ME! by Gabe

Hi!  It's me, Gabe!  I am going to tell you about a Special Adventure that Mom and I had yesterday.  It was Special because no other dogs got to go.  It was just Mom and me.

So how it started was that Mom took me out to potty, which I did on the neighbors' trash bag, and then I got in the car with her and we drove to Mission MedVet.  As soon as we got there, I realized it was the Place Where Bad Things Happen, like the time I went there after the Greyhound Incident, when I had to have expensive surgery.

Thinking about this made me nervous, and being nervous always makes me want to poop, so Mom took me over to a pooping area, and I felt better afterwards.  Then we went inside and we saw a vet tech, and she stuck paper thingies in my eyes to measure my tears.  And then she put a bunch of drops in my eyes and went away while my eyes got dilated.

While we were waiting, I listened to all the sounds from out in the hall.  Mom looked at the posters and stuff in the room, and she read all the names of the parts of the eye.  Also Mom saw by reading the signs that Piper spelled Dr. Keil's name wrong in her blog entry yesterday because she spelled it Kiel, but it's supposed to be Keil.  And this just goes to show that Piper doesn't know much sometimes!

So then after my eyes got all big and black, Dr. Keil came in, and she looked in my eyes with lights and a magnifying thing that she wears on her head.  I was a very good boy, and I didn't even growl once, and this was because I have been through the whole routine before, so I know that it doesn't hurt or anything.

Anyway, what Dr. Keil said was that my PRA looked the same as it did last time she saw me, which she was very happy about because it means I am not going blind yet.  She said that usually dogs with PRA like mine keep getting worse until they get blind.  I'm glad I'm not one of those dogs, and Mom is glad, too.

The other thing Dr. Keil said was that I have a couple of little tiny cataracts, but she doesn't think they will bother me, which I agree with because I can see just fine!  Dr. Keil couldn't find a reason why I have so much eye goopy, but she said maybe it is allergies.  She said it might go away by itself or else Mom could put some drops in my eyes to make it go away.  Mom decided she would put drops in my eyes.  She just hopes I don't try to bite her when she does that!

After we paid the bill and got back in the car, Mom took me to Petco, which she almost never does.  She thought maybe she could find a nice sweater for me at Petco because some of the ones I've been wearing are too big for me.  Like the one I was wearing today, which several people said looked very nice, but it is actually made for a much fatter dog, so Mom has to use diaper pins to make it fit me right.

I was very interested in all the incredible smells at Petco, and Mom let me sniff a bunch of them.  We looked at sweaters, but they were mostly all too pink and girly, or else they were way too small for me.  So we will have to look somewhere else.

Then we went home, and the other dogs sniffed me all over because they were jealous that I got to go on a Special Adventure with Mom, and they didn't!

Before I forget, Piper asked me to thank all the nice people and dogs who commented on her blog yesterday.  She commented back to them, but it was really late when she did it because we were watching TV all evening.  So you can go read her comments, if you are interested.

Oh, and here's one other bit of important news.  This morning Mom went to the Brookside Barkery to buy us some dog food.  She wanted to buy the nice, new food that we've been eating lately, which is called Orijen 6 Fish Formula.  But the man at the store said they couldn't get the Fish Formula food right now because it comes from Canada, and it's so cold in Canada that some of the lakes are frozen over, so the fishermen can't get to the fish.  But he had a coupon for a free bag of EVO Herring and Salmon food.  So Mom got that, except the bag wasn't very big, so she bought a second one.  And now we have another new food to get used to, but Mom already gave us some samples, and it was really yummy, so I think it will be a fine food for us!

Okay, that's all!  Bye!

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