Friday, December 4, 2009

Just Some General Stuff

Hey, remember on Tuesday when I told you about sweetgum trees and those nasty balls that Mom hates so much?  Well, guess what!  On the very same day that I posted that blog, Mom stepped on a sweetgum ball while she was walking Mel and Barry, and she fell down!  It was in the street almost in front of our house because she and Mel and Barry were almost finished walking.  Mom twisted her ankle and landed on her knee, and now her knee is bruised, plus it's skinned up a little, even though she had on sweatpants and long underwear.  Luckily, Mom recovered in time to rake leaves all afternoon, but she is still mad about the sweetgum balls!

Yesterday Mom went to Pooches' Paradise to visit the greyhounds.  It was cold out, so she didn't walk them.  One of the greyhounds, whose name is Chili, is so happy to see people that he jumps up in their faces, and since he is usually wearing a muzzle, he can really hurt a person.  Aunt Cher told Mom that she got hit in the eye last week by Chili.  Mom was very careful to keep Chili from hitting her in the face.  She says Chili is a very nice dog, but he is only 1-1/2 years old, and he has a lot of energy.

Another greyhound there is named Cozumel.  She is about 2-1/2 years old.  She is very shy and also her heart beats funny when she gets stressed, so she has not been spayed yet.  Cozumel does not jump in people's faces, so that's good.  Mom just sat and petted her for a while.  Mom wishes she could foster Cozumel, but we aren't really allowed to foster greyhounds anymore because of The Incident last year with Gabe getting attacked by Angela and Lear.

After that, Mom went to some thrift shops and bought some little flower pots and stuff like that.  Also she bought a quilt for Barry's bed and a sweater for herself.  I wish she had bought more things for us dogs to chew up, but she was mostly selfish and bought things for herself.

When Mom got home, she found out that somebody had made diarrhea on the kitchen floor.  She thinks maybe it was Mel, but she doesn't know for sure.  I will just say that maybe she's right and maybe she's wrong.  I can't tattle on my brothers because I might get in a lot of trouble with them if I did that.

This afternoon Mom finally got the purple blanket mended that Barry chewed the big hole in.  It's a good thing she got this blanket fixed because now the weather is pretty cold, especially at night, so Mom needs two blankets instead of just one on her bed.  She has started making Gabe wear a sweater, but she knows better than to make me wear one because I can always figure out how to take my sweaters off!  Mom says I am her little Houdini.  I'm sure she means this as a compliment, so it makes me very proud when she calls me that!

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