Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mom's Adventures at the Shelter

Mom went to the shelter yesterday, just like she does most Mondays.  She took her camera with her, which she doesn't usually do, and she took pictures of the dogs she played with, and she told me all about them, so now I can tell you about them, too.

When it's cold and snowy outside, Mom stays inside and plays with the dogs in a little room.  Some of the dogs went outside in the snowy yard to play, but Mom is a wimp and doesn't want to play in the snow with the dogs jumping all over her and stuff.  So that's why she stayed inside.

Anyway, first she brought the three littlest dogs in the room.  I have told you about these dogs before.  They are all very nice dogs, and you should adopt them if you need a nice little lap dog of your very own.  First there was Sasha, who looks like a miniature wolf.  Sasha likes to play with toys.

And there was Poppi, who only has one eye.  He is not really into toys.  He just hangs out near Mom and politely hints that maybe she should give him a treat.

Taco really, really likes toys!  She collects all the toys together and tries to carry more than one around in her mouth, but she has a small mouth because she is a small dog, so usually she can only fit one toy in it at a time.

Then when it's time to go back to her run, she hides from Mom because she doesn't want Mom to take away her toy, but Mom has to take it away because toys aren't allowed in the runs.  And this is because if the toys get chewed up, the pieces will got down the drain and clog it up.  Which has happened in the past, and it makes a big mess.

After Mom played with the three little dogs, she brought in Alvin and Molly.  Alvin is the beagle mix that you have seen photos of before because Mom held him at a satellite adoption one time.  He's a very nice dog, except that he keeps peeing in Petco if you don't watch him every minute.  And sometimes he pees in the little room at the shelter, but he didn't do that yesterday.

Molly hasn't been at the shelter very long.  She is maybe a greyhound mix.  Mom thinks she is really pretty, but of course, Mom is always a sucker for greyhounds and any dog that looks sort of like a greyhound.  Actually what Molly looks like is a coyote, at least in my opinion!  Molly is very shy.  Some people came to look at her yesterday while Mom was at the shelter, but they decided that Molly was too shy for them to adopt.  This is very sad, but it means that Molly is still available if you want to adopt her.

The next dogs Mom played with were AJ and Kola.  AJ is maybe a beagle mixed with a German Shepherd.  He's a very nice dog, but he likes to chew things up.  He was chewing on a tennis ball yesterday, and Mom was afraid he was eating the pieces, so she took it away from him.

Kola plays with the toys a little bit, but she mostly just wants treats.  Sometimes she and AJ play tug with  one of the toys, and when they are outside in the yard, they do a lot of running and body-slamming.  They really like to play together.

After that, Mom went and ate lunch in the volunteer room.  She always takes her lunch to the shelter because if she doesn't, she gets hungry and grumpy.

The dogs that Mom played with after lunch were Noel and O'Malley.  Noel is new to the shelter.  Mom already met Noel at the last satellite adoption event, but Noel didn't do very well there because she kept growling and snarking at the other dogs.  So Mom thinks that Noel won't be going to anymore satellites. Yesterday was the first time Mom played with Noel at the shelter.  Noel was very mouthy and kept trying to chew on Mom, which is a thing Mom doesn't like very much.  After a while, Noel settled down some and stopped behaving so badly, which made Mom happier.

Mom couldn't hardly get a photo of O'Malley because Noel kept jumping all over Mom, so she only got this one picture of him.  O'Malley already had a broken front leg when Animal Control found him, and his leg couldn't be fixed, so now he only has three legs.  O'Malley likes to chase balls and stuff, though, and Mom says he's a fun dog.

After that, Mom only had time for one more dog, so she chose Starla, who is Mom's new favorite pitbull.  Starla is not a very interesting color, but she is a very, very nice dog who just wants to sit in Mom's lap and be loved on.  So Mom took a bunch of pictures of Starla, mainly because she was the only dog who held still long enough to get her picture taken.  Here's Mom getting a kiss from Starla.

And here's Starla playing with a Kong.

And here's Starla just hanging out in Mom's lap.

Mom thinks it would be nice to adopt Starla, but we already have our Legal Limit of dogs, like I have told you before.  Besides which, Mom says our next dog is going to be a greyhound.  So that's why we can't adopt Starla.  But maybe somebody will adopt Starla soon.  Mom thinks that Starla would make an excellent therapy dog because she's so calm and friendly.

Well, that's all the adventures Mom had at the shelter yesterday.  All of the dogs I've told you about need somebody to adopt them, so if you know of anybody who could give them a good forever home, tell them to go to this website and they can find out more:  http://www.hsgkc.org

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