Sunday, December 13, 2009

Popular Dog Names

The most popular name for boy dogs is Max, and the most popular name for girl dogs is Maggie.  So if you want every dog at the dog park to prick up their ears when you call your dog, you can use one of these names!

This very important information about dog names comes from this website:

You can go there and look at the top 60 names for dogs and cats.  But here are lists of the top 20 for girl dogs and for boy dogs.  If you want to see more, then you'll have to go to the website.

The top 20 names for girl dogs:
 1.   Maggie
 2.   Bear
 3.   Molly
 4.   Shadow
 5.   Lady
 6.   Sadie
 7.   Lucky
 8.   Lucy
 9.   Daisy
10.  Brandy
11.  Bandit
12.  Ginger
13.  Abby
14.  Sasha
15.  Sandy
16.  Murphy
17.  Pepper
18.  Dakota
19.  Katie
20.  Annie

The top 20 names for boy dogs:
 1.   Max
 2.   Jake
 3.   Buddy
 4.   Bear
 5.   Bailey
 6.   Shadow
 7.   Sam
 8.   Lucky
 9.   Rocky
10.  Buster
11.  Casey
12.  Cody
13.  Brandy
14.  Duke
15.  Charlie
16.  Bandit
17.  Jack
18.  Harley
19.  Rusty
20.  Sandy

From these lists we can see that (1) there are several names that can be used for either a boy or a girl dog and (2) some people don't use much imagination when they are naming their dogs.  Personally, I am happy to have a name like Piper that is not only cute, but that is not as common as dirt.  Frankly, I don't want to share my name with every Maggie, Bear, and Molly that comes along.  Maybe this is selfish of me, that that's how I feel!


  1. Hello. Years ago when I was into dogs only....meaning I'd never owned a cat at that time nor did I ever plan to own a cat. Shhhh...certainly don't want Dodi/Di to hear or read that remark. Anyway, I purchased a "name your dog" book. The cashier glanced at the book...apparently thinking it was a "name your baby" book...then glanced again and realized it was the former and gave me the oddest look. Then...went on to say, "how odd...why wouldn't you just pick a name and go with it?" Well...if that was to happen now, in my older age, I'd probably have a few words for the cashier...however, in those days I was a bit nicer (just a bit) and ignored her question. So...I, too, think it's quite interesting to view all the names; and for cats too. Had to share that bit of info.
    Love, AP

  2. I Loved "Sasha" its very good name for a Golden retriever

    1. You're right. Sasha is an excellent name. I like it, too!
      Sincerely, Dorrie

  3. I like the name Dakota! I'm getting a wife a puppy for her birthday, and I think that would be super cute for the one I have my eye on.