Saturday, December 26, 2009

A real, live BLIZZARD!

Mom says she has never known of a real, true, official blizzard coming here to Missouri, but we had one on Christmas Eve!  Which means that I was not so wrong when I said that this is the Frozen North!  Ha!

Here's a picture that Mom took of the blizzard on Christmas Eve.  All the snowflakes were going really fast in the wind, so that's why they look like lines instead of like regular snowflakes.

The way the blizzard got started was that we had rain all day Wednesday and all morning Thursday.  It was a drag having so much rain, but at least it wasn't very cold out.  But then what happened was that the wind started blowing really, really hard, and also it got really, really cold.  And all the rain changed into sleet and snow and stuff like that, and it blew through the air in every direction.  We could hear the wind blowing for hours, and the wind blew the sweetgum balls off the tree, and they kept hitting the house like little cannonballs.

And when I had to go outside to potty, it was really cold, and the wind almost blew me away, but I went outside and pottied anyway, and Mom said I was a very brave girl!  But Gabe wouldn't go out to potty, so Mom took him out the front door on a leash, and he peed on the shrub right by the front door, and he had to pee a whole bunch because he had been saving it up all day long.

Oh, and Gabe bit Mom on the leg Thursday, and here's why he did it.  See, Gabe had been holding all his poop inside for, like, two days because of the rain, but finally he couldn't hold it any longer.  So he went outside and he pooped a whole bunch of turds all over the yard because he always walks around while he's pooping.  But one of the turds wouldn't come out all the way, and Gabe got all frantic because it wouldn't come out.  And the reason it wouldn't come out was because Gabe keeps chewing on the rug by the fireplace, and he pulls loose strings from the rug, and then he eats them.  So Gabe had all these stringy things in his poop, and that's why it wouldn't come out all the way.

So Mom went outside and she pulled the poop out, but Gabe squealed and snarked at Mom.  Probably the poop was hurting Gabe, but maybe it just felt funny.  Anyway, he and Mom came back in the house, but Gabe still had some string hanging out, so Mom pulled on it, and Gabe squealed again and bit Mom on the leg.  But luckily, Mom was wearing sweatpants and long johns, so she only got bruised.  And she got the string thing out of Gabe.

We spent Christmas Eve at home, and Mom built a nice fire in the fireplace, and she put blankies on me and Gabe, and we all took naps and watched TV.  And when we went to bed, it was still snowing and blowing, but we were safe and warm in our house.

Then on Christmas Day, when Mom opened the back door, there was a big snow drift right in front of the door, but I jumped over it and ran out in the yard to potty.  There was so much snow that we couldn't even tell where the steps were, or the edge of the patio, but I found a place way out in the yard where the snow was not so deep, and that's where I pottied.

Later on, Mom went out and shoveled a nice path across the patio for us, except that it was still snowing a little bit, so our path got snow on it again.  And Mom started shoveling the driveway, but it was a lot of work, so she hired the neighbor kids to shovel it instead.  And Mom stayed home all day long, even though she was supposed to go out with two of her friends to eat lunch and see a movie.  But there was so much snow, and it was so cold that nobody wanted to go out, so they didn't.

Mom will probably go out today, though.  She needs to go to the store because she is running out of Important Mom Food.

Oh, and Mom didn't make a turkey breast like she said she would do.  But she did make some scrambled eggs for us dogs for Christmas dinner, so I guess I can forgive her.

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