Monday, January 4, 2010

How to Stay Warm

Those of us short-haired dogs who live up here in the Frozen North have to find ways of keeping warm during the winter.  When I used to live in Houston, I did not have this problem so much, but now I do because I live way up north in Kansas City.  So today I'm going to share some tips with my doggy friends who also live in Cold Places.

My very best advice, of course, would be that if you live in a Warm Place, just STAY THERE!  That way you will not have to bother with learning ways to keep warm.  I would have been happy to stay in Houston, but I didn't have a choice in the matter.  And I do have to admit that I love my Mom and my brothers and my home here.  I just don't like the cold!

So anyway, this is my list of Ways to Keep Warm.  I have not applied for a copyright on this list, so you can feel free to use anything on the list without having to pay royalties.

1.  Cuddle up with somebody like another dog or a human or maybe even a cat.  This will help you stay warmer because of shared body heat.

2.  If you have to sleep alone, you can keep your nose warm by tucking it under your tail or your leg.

3.  Another way to stay warm while sleeping is to get under the bed covers.  Some basenjis really like to do this, but I don't, and neither does Gabe.  We both think it's too claustrophobic under there.  But if Mom covers us up, we might let the covers stay on top of us, at least for a while.

4.  Sleep in the sun, if you can find any.  This is harder to do in the winter because sometimes it's very cloudy and yucky outside for a whole bunch of days in a row.

5.  Sleep in front of a heater or a fireplace.  I don't like to sleep by the fireplace because it's scary, but I have been told that some dogs like to sleep by the fire.  Maybe the fires at their houses don't crackle and pop so much!

6.  Wear a sweater or jacket.  But only if you like wearing one.  Some dogs actually like wearing these things, but I don't know why they do.  Possibly, they are crazy.

7.  Imagine that it is a hot, sunny day in summer and try to feel the virtual heat.  Then cross your paws and make a wish for warm weather to get here soon!

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