Sunday, January 3, 2010

My First Update of 2010

This update might have a few things in it from 2009 because not much has happened in 2010 so far.  Mostly, it's just been cold, cold, cold!  Mom makes Gabe wear a sweater all the time, but she doesn't make me wear one because, like I told you before, I hate wearing sweaters.  We don't go for walks now because it is TOO COLD and also it is TOO ICY.  Mom is afraid to walk on ice because she is afraid of falling down and breaking something.  We dogs don't want Mom to break anything either because then she might not be able to feed us, which would be a horrible tragedy!

Since we haven't been going outside much, except to potty in the ice and snow, we dogs have been kind of bored, so we have been looking for trouble that we can get into.  And I am happy to tell you that we have found some!

One night last week after Mom finished doing her email and came in the bedroom to go to bed, she found a puddle of pee right on top of the bed, on the purple blanket that she already mended after Barry ate a big hole in it.  Mom thinks that I put that pee there, but I am not saying whether I did or not.  Lucky for Mom, the purple blanket did not soak up the pee, so the blanket under it didn't get wet.

There was another pee incident on New Year's Day when Mom found out that someone peed on the hearth rug, in front of the fireplace.  The hearth rug is a special, expensive rug that Mom only puts down when she makes a fire in the fireplace.  Then if sparks fly out of the fireplace and land on the hearth rug, it is supposed to not catch on fire, and that way the house won't burn down.  Gabe sometimes chews on the hearth rug, so Mom always puts it away the morning after we have a fire in the fireplace.  But somehow the hearth rug got peed on during the night or else first thing on New Year's Day.  Mom blamed me for this, too.  I don't know why she is always blaming all this stuff on me.  It's really not fair, if you ask me, because maybe I didn't do it.  And even if I did, it's not my fault that the weather is so nasty outside so that I don't want to go out there to pee.

One reason I don't like to go outside is because the snow is so cold that it hurts my feet.  And also the cold makes my knees hurt.  I already told you about how I had surgery on both knees.  Well, now they are hurting again, especially the right one, which has a pin in it.  Mom thinks maybe I just have arthritis in my knees, and I hope that's all it is too because we don't want to have to do more surgery on my knees.  Mom is going to take me to get x-rays sometime pretty soon to find out what is going on with my knees.

The cold also makes Gabe's back and neck hurt, so he still has trouble getting up the stairs sometimes.  Mom is giving me and Gabe this stuff called glucosamine.  It's supposed to make our joints feel all better, but it takes awhile to start working.  Gabe is taking some pain pills for his back, but when the weather is really, really cold, his back hurts anyway.  Mom says it's hell getting old.  I think she is saying this to Gabe because he will be 12 years old soon.  I am still the baby of the family, so I don't have to think about getting old yet.

Okay, let's see.  What other trouble have we got into?  Oh!  Friday while Mom went to the movies, we got some blankies out that Mom didn't put away good enough, and we tore them up.  These are the blankies that Mom puts in our dog beds in the evenings while we are watching TV so that we feel warmer.  But she doesn't leave them there all the time because she thinks Gabe and Barry might eat them, which is exactly what they did on Friday.  I helped unstuff one of the blankies.  It was lots of fun!  Wintertime is much nicer if you have interesting projects to do while Mom is away.

Okay, here's one other thing I can update you about.  Remember the story about Balto the famous sled dog?  And I also told you about the Iditarod race and how it's hard for the dogs to run in it because of the weather and the polar bears.  Well, since then, I found out that the Iditarod is way worse than I thought!  I learned all about it because of a comment that the Sled Dog Action Coalition people posted after my Balto blog entry.  You can go there and read what they said, or you can go to this website:    Now that I know how truly bad the Iditarod is for the dogs, I think the whole race should be done away with.  This is like getting rid of dog racing for greyhounds, which is something else that should happen.  It is not fair to treat the dogs in such a horrible way just so that people can make some money.  At least that's my opinion, and I'm sure it's the right one!

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  1. Piper,

    Thanks for helping the Iditarod dogs!

    Margery Glickman
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