Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Knee X-Rays

Yesterday I had to go to Dr. Patricia's office and get my knees x-rayed.  Mom didn't give me any breakfast because the doctor said I would have to be sedated.  But I didn't have to be sedated after all, so I ended up just being hungry all day long in a cage, which wasn't much fun, if you ask me.

Then finally they called Mom and said she could come and get me, which she did.  And Nurse Debbie showed the x-rays to Mom and said that I had arthritis in my right knee.  Nurse Debbie pointed out the little piece of arthritis on the x-ray.  This is what Mom thought the problem was all along, so maybe she could have saved some money by not getting the x-rays done, and I could have stayed home all day with my brothers.

But anyway, the funny thing about my knees on the x-rays was that one knee cap is a little higher up than the other one.  We don't know if this is a problem or not.  There's this person called a radiologist, who is an expert on x-rays, and she is going to look at my knee x-rays.  And also Dr. Lineberger, who did the surgery on my knees, is going to look at my x-rays.  So everybody will get to see the inner workings of my knees and give their opinion on why they hurt me.

So I had a lousy day at the vet's office getting my x-rays, and also they stuck a needle in my bladder to get some pee out because Mom thinks maybe I have an infection.  So that was another not-so-fun thing I had to do.  Plus it was really, really cold outside, and Mom made me wear my little red coat to the vet's office because it was only like 2 degrees when we went there yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, Mom and Aunt LaDene went to the art gallery to get some culture and also some lunch.  They looked at the American Indian galleries, which got all rebuilt and made nicer last year.  Mom said there were lots of interesting objects in these galleries, but none of them had dogs, which I was sad to hear.  Some of the objects were made out of rawhide, though, like for instance this shield with a buffalo on it.  I think that a rawhide shield would be a very nice thing to chew on, and I wish Mom had brought one home for me.

There were also things made out of wood, like this bowl, which is supposed to look something like a seal.  I have not met any seals personally, but I know that polar bears like to eat them, and I think I might like to eat a seal, too.

This pottery jar was made a long, long time ago, like in 1820.  It has nice designs on it.  A jar like this could hold quite a bit of kibble, so it would be a useful thing to have around the house.

And here's a funny guy who's sort of a clown or something.  He is called Kosha, and he is thinking about the meaning of life.  If he had a dog, he would not have to think so hard about such things because he would know that the meaning of life is to eat, sleep, and play!

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