Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Random Piperish Thoughts

Yesterday I was thinking about the sun, and the reason for this was because the sun was actually shining, which it doesn't do so often these days.  Lying in the sun is a very nice thing for a dog to do, so I was doing a little of that.  But not outside.  It was COLD outside, even though it was sunny.  Where I was lying in the sun was inside the house, by the south window.  This is where the sun comes in during the wintertime, and it's a nice, warm place to take a nap.

Mom actually let us go in the bedroom for a while and lie in the sun there, which is the best place to do it because there are nice soft dog beds there plus also Mom's bed.  But mostly Mom keeps the door to the bedroom closed because she does not want us tearing up stuff in there.  Like the other day, Gabe tore a hole in our comforter that Mom bought at a garage sale for us to sleep on, and I helped Gabe unstuff it, which was lots of fun.  But then Mom took the comforter away and sewed it up on the sewing machine, so we couldn't unstuff it again.

And also Gabe keeps trying to eat the carpet in one corner of the bedroom because it's loose there, and he can pull it up and pull out the long yarn things and eat them.  Mom says it's bad for him to eat the yarn things, and she wants to find some boards to nail down the carpet better, but she hasn't done it yet.  Someday she plans to take the whole carpet out and throw it away, but she hasn't done that yet either.  But anyway, that's why we don't get to go in the bedroom anymore unless Mom is there to keep us out of trouble.

In the paper yesterday morning, there was an article about how the African animals at the zoo are not designed for such cold weather like we have had lately.  So when it's cold outside, they mostly stay inside where it's warm.  This explains why basenjis don't like the cold either.  We are not designed for cold weather, just like giraffes and hippos are not designed for cold weather.  If we were polar bears, things would be different.

Yesterday morning, Mom went out and did some stuff, but then she stayed home with us all afternoon.  And one of the things she did was she tried to polish that ugly silver cup again that she bought at the antique mall the other day.  This time she used some icky, toxic stuff that is supposed to take the tarnish off in like five seconds, but it smells bad, and you have to wear rubber gloves when you use it.  Well, guess what!  It didn't work!  The cup is still black like before.  So Mom thinks what happened is that all the silver plate that was on it has already gone away, which is why it can't be polished.  I don't know what Mom will do with the cup now.  Maybe she'll plant something in it.  That's what she does with lots of the silly stuff she buys at thrift stores.

Another thing Mom did was she wrote a letter to the boy she sponsors in India, and also a letter to the girl she sponsors in Niger.  Oh, and here's a question I'll bet you can't answer:  If a person from Nigeria is called a Nigerian, what do you call a person from Niger?

Do you give up?  The answer is:  a Nigerien!  Yep, it's almost the same word except with "en" at the end instead of "an."  You don't have to thank me for this important information, but if you happen to win a big contest of some kind because of knowing it, I hope you will share the prize money with me.

Well, I can't think of any other random thoughts right now, so I'm going to quit writing.  Today it's supposed to snow and rain and be cloudy, so it's a good thing I enjoyed the sun yesterday, while it was still around.


  1. Darn....I thought I had the answer to what a Niger person is called; wrong. I thought it was a TRICK question and the answer would be the same as one from Nigeria!! Glad to know the answer....I LOVE those type of questions. My family use to have a book, I can't recall the name of it, but it had many random questions in it....we would sit and try to figure out the answer, until my dad said we had to have a time limit. :) OH...Piper; cats love the sun too and you are so correct about the sun shining from the South - my cats always lay in the dining room area; facing the south window!
    Love, AP

  2. Dear Aunt Patty,

    I am glad you liked my fascinating trivia question. It was not a trick question at all, as you now know. Maybe I can post some dog trivia questions sometime. Dog trivia is the best kind of trivia ever. Well, except maybe you like cat trivia better.

    Thanks for your comment about my hibernation blog, too. You are very smart to stay as far away from rattlesnakes as possible. At least that is my opinion.

    Love, Piper