Thursday, January 7, 2010

SNOWMEN by Barry

It started snowing here yesterday afternoon, but sometime during the night, it stopped.  Now the snow is just blowing around, and the wind chill is something like 14 below zero.  Brrrrr!  The old snow never got a chance to melt, so the new snow just piled up on top of the old snow, and now we have lots more snow.  I like snow pretty well because it's fun to run around in, and also it's fun to pee in and make it turn all yellow.  Also I like to find poopsicles in the snow and eat them.  Except that when it's this cold, I prefer to bring them in the house and eat them where it's nice and warm.  Mom thinks this is disgusting, but I just keep on doing it anyway!

What humans like to do when it snows is build snowmen.  I'm not sure why they do this, but maybe it's so that boy dogs will have something interesting to pee on.  The best kind of snow for making snowmen is snow that is wet and sticks together.  The snow we have here right now is not so good for making snowmen because it's dry and doesn't stick together.  But as soon as it warms up a little, you can just bet that people will start building snowmen.

I guess I should explain that "snowmen" are not always men.  Sometimes they are women or children or dogs or cats.  You can even make a buddha out of snow, like this man is doing.

Here's a snow dog that Mom and I saw outside the vet's office when I went to let Dr. Patricia look in my mouth to make sure my tooth extraction place was healing up okay.

And now I will show you photos of some historic snowmen.  Here's one that Grandma Helen and Grandpa Claude made a long, long time ago, like maybe in 1941.  The people standing by the snowman are Grandpa Claude's mom and dad.  Also you can see Bruno, the dog.  Piper already wrote a blog entry about Bruno, so maybe you remember him.  My guess is that Bruno peed on this snowman at least once before it melted.

Here's another picture, and it's of Mom when she was only five years old.  She and Grandpa Claude built this snowman, and then Grandpa Claude took a picture of it.  The snowman looks really tall, but you have to remember that Mom was pretty short back in those days.  I don't know if this snowman got peed on, since Mom didn't have a dog back in those days.

And finally, here's a very sad picture of what happens to a snowman when the weather warms up.  When snowmen start looking like this, you can hope that it's almost time for spring!

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