Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wallace and Gromit

We have been watching some DVDs lately, and they are about a man named Wallace and his dog, Gromit.  I really like these movies because Gromit is so clever and smart.  He is one of my very, very favorite characters.  I'd like to have him for a brother because he could figure out how to make a rocket ship that would take us to the moon for a picnic.  Tonight I think we're going to watch The Curse of the Were Rabbit.

Wallace is a nice enough man, but he's a little slow sometimes.  He is always inventing really complicated things, but then something goes wrong with them, and Gromit has to rescue him.  Wallace likes cheese, especially a kind of cheese called Wensleydale.  Gromit likes cheese, too, and so do I.  Most dogs like cheese, I think.

Mom says that Wallace and Gromit are not real.  They are just made out of clay by a man named Nick Park.  I think Mr. Park does a good job of making these characters out of clay.  He poses them very carefully for a picture, and then he moves them just a little bit and takes another picture, and then he moves them a tiny bit more and takes another picture.  Finally, after several years, he has enough pictures to make a whole movie.  We watched the Special Features on our DVD and that's when we saw how he makes movies. Be we didn't see him winning any Academy Awards, which he has done more than once.

Another character that Mr. Nick Park made was Shaun the Sheep.  I like Shaun a whole bunch, too.  Shaun is black-and-white like me, but he's a sheep and not a dog.  He is clever like a dog, though, and he is always getting into mischief and then he has to figure out how to get out of the mischief.

I told Mom I'd like to have a Shaun of my very own, and she looked on eBay to see if any were for sale.  Which there were.  There were a whole bunch of plush Shaun the Sheeps.  But Mom said if she bought us one, we would just tear it up.  I told her I didn't want a toy sheep.  I want a real sheep that could live with us and have fun adventures like Shaun the Sheep does.

Then Mom told me a sad thing, which is that we can't have a real sheep here because we already have our Legal Limit of pets.  Also, she doesn't think that farm animals are allowed to live in our neighborhood.  I asked if we could move to a farm so that we could have a sheep, but Mom said no.  So I guess I will just have to have dogs for brothers and watch Shaun the Sheep's adventures on DVD.


  1. Piper!

    We love the Nick Park stuff. Mom saw the one with the penguin years and years ago on PBS and had been a fan ever since. But I think Wallace is typical of humans and Gromit is like most basenjis. Sometimes my mom is a little slow about getting me food and stuff. I have to do all sorts of stuff like sit, down, stand, spin or agility stuff to get her to feed me. Of course I've never had to build a rocket for my dinner, but I have had bring her her slippers. Sniff out "Creature Comforts" on google video and see what you come up with. ;-)

    Also, mom got some beads on a necklace for Christmas from these people:
    It's sad that African kids are sick or homeless, but it's good that the money from the beads go to them. I just thought you might like to know about it because you're so thoughtful and it would be nice if more people could buy these beads and help the kids. And since lots of people read your blog, maybe they'd read my comment and check this site out.

    Zest, the superstar in training
    now with NAP

  2. Dear Zest,
    I was sure that you would have the good taste to like Wallace and Gromit, too! That penguin was scary and EVIL! I told Mom never to rent out a room to a penguin, and she said she wouldn't. I looked at the beads for the African kids. The beads are really pretty. Maybe I can convince Mom to buy some. We already sponsor a bunch of kids in a lot of countries around the world, including 6 kids in Africa. Maybe you saw my blog when I wrote about some of these kids. There are pictures of them in Mom's Smugmug gallery here:
    Your friend, Piper

  3. I remember that blog! I just sometime forget things becuase I have so many things in my brain.

    I don't think all penguins are evil. We had one on our tree, but that one had a foot chewed off by either Jet the try-ing or mom's first basenji. So maybe it was evil and that's why the foot was chewed off. I don't know.

    Zest the superstar in training

  4. I didn't mean that ALL penguins are evil. I think they are actually pretty cute and probably yummy to eat. I just meant that the one in "The Wrong Trousers" was evil.

    The penguin on your tree might have been evil, but with its foot chewed off, it couldn't do as much mischief. Ha!


  5. Piper,

    Thanks for reminding me of Wallace and Gromit--we are fans of theirs, too! I love their videos. Your Mom introduced us to them years ago when she sent us three of their videos from her travels in the UK. They are still family favorites! My very favorite Nick Park movie is "Chicken Run." Thanks for the memories!


  6. Dear Aunt Sharon,
    I'm glad to know that you and your family like Wallace and Gromit, too. Now that I read this blog entry again, I think we should get out our DVDs and watch them again. We already thought about watching Shaun the Sheep because our kittens keep knocking that one off the shelf! Mom says she saw "Chicken Run" when it was in the movie theater, but I don't think I ever saw it personally.
    Love, Piper