Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Totally Weird TV Show

I already told you about all my most favorite TV shows, but there are some other ones that I haven't talked about yet because Mom likes them better than I do.  One example of this kind of show is Lost, which we had to watch for THREE WHOLE HOURS last night!  But if you are a Lost fan who didn't get to see the new episode, don't worry, because I am not going to spoil it by telling you what's in it.

Lost is about a bunch of people who are in an airplane, and then the plane crashes on an island, and some of the people survive the crash.  Then, after that, really strange things start happening.  I used to watch Lost in the beginning because it had a dog in it who was a yellow lab named Vincent.  Sometimes Vincent even got to bark in a meaningful way on the show.  But we haven't seen Vincent for a while, so I'm not sure what happened to him.  Maybe he got off the island when Walt did, or maybe I was asleep when they told what happened to him.

But anyway, like I said, Lost was interesting at the start because there was a dog, and there were some polar bears, but I think they all got killed off.  And there was a monster which turned out to be some black smoke that chased people around and made them scream and sometimes killed them.  Oh, and then there was that Dharma thing, where people lived in a bunker underground, and every 108 minutes they had to punch some numbers into a computer so the world wouldn't end.  And the numbers they put into the computer were the very same numbers that Hurley had used to win the lottery, which brought him lots of money and also lots of bad luck.

So the show just went on getting weirder and weirder, plus also more complicated, because they kept killing people off and bringing in new people, and there were these people called "The Others," that seemed like they should have had a more interesting name, but maybe the writers couldn't think of one.  And some of the people who were dead turned out not to be dead or else they really were dead, and then then came back to life again.  Oh, and did I mention that there was this Egyptian-looking statue?  Or that there was a submarine?

Well, the show got so confusing and silly that I started mostly just sleeping when it was on.  But Mom kept watching it, although I don't know why.  She says she doesn't even try to understand it anymore.  She just watches it to see what totally crazy thing they are going to do next on the show.  And also she likes some of the characters.

So anyway, last night we had to watch for three hours, and the reason for this was that first there was an hour of just reminding us who the characters were and whether they were dead or not, and also which characters were living in which year, because some of them ended up somehow in the 1970s, and the rest of them are in the present.  And also the island moved around a couple of times, but maybe it stopped doing that now.

Anyway, after the first hour of reminding us of how confused we were at the end of the last show last season, there were two hours of new stuff to confuse us even further.  But luckily, this is the start of the last season ever of Lost, after which all our questions will be answered, and we will never again have to watch this show!


  1. Gosh...I must be one of the few people that has never seen "Lost." I know several people who love the show, so your mom must have really good taste!! I do like the idea they had/have "Vincent" on the show!! I bet if you or all of your family tried out for a show - you would be picked!! Well....Dodi is sitting next to my feet and kind of nipping at them; apparently, he either wants my attention (I've been gone all day) or is hungry! Take care.
    Love, AP