Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adventures While Walking, by Mel

Piper asked me if I wanted to write about some Adventures While Walking, because Barry and I usually walk farther than Piper and Gabe do, so we have more adventures.  And I was flattered to be asked to write in Piper's blog again, so I said yes.

First of all, I will mention that a week ago today we could not go walking at all because there was too much snow.  Here's a picture of me in the snow in our back yard.  We had almost 7 inches of snow, and it was very wet, heavy snow, so when it melted, it made the yard into kind of a swamp.  But the good news is that the weather warmed up quickly, and all the snow melted really fast, like in only about 3 days.  And since it wasn't icy, we could go out for walks a whole bunch of days this week.

One thing we saw a lot was daffodils because they are starting to bloom.  Mom's daffodils haven't bloomed yet because they are slow daffodils, but lots of other people's are blooming.  I like daffodils because they are good to pee on.  Tulips are also good to pee on.  The tulips have come up, but they haven't started blooming yet, which doesn't matter to me because all I need for peeing purposes is the leaves.

So anyway, besides daffodils, here are some other things we have noticed lately in our neighborhood:  

The people across the street have started flying a Tibetan flag and some prayer flags.  We think this means they want Tibet to be free from Chinese rule.  These neighbors are very nice.  They have two dogs and some cats.  Sometimes their dogs bark at us, and Barry and I bark back.

Here's our old friend St. Francis.  He only has one gnome now.  We don't know what happened to the other one.  The gnome that is still there has turned all dark-colored, except for his red hat.  He is playing a ukulele or something like that, so maybe he prefers to perform in blackface. 

The bunnies are out, but not all of them are real.  Luckily, it is easy for Barry and me to tell if a bunny is real or not.  I hope I can find another bunny nest this year like I did last summer.  That was a very special day for me when I found that nest!

The spring soccer season has started.

And finally, here's something very alarming that we saw Friday when we were out walking.  This big, scary machine was tearing down a whole garage!  It just smashed the garage into little pieces, and then it picked up the pieces in its big mouth and put them in a huge truck.  Barry and I kept trying to drag Mom away from this scary thing, but she wanted to watch and take pictures!  Can you imagine?  Mom is just nuts sometimes!

Well, anyway, that's all the adventures we have had lately.  We thought we would see some Easter decorations, but we haven't really seen any at all.  Mom said she saw some giant colored eggs in people's yards in another part of town, but we didn't see anything like that here.  Which is fine with me because I wouldn't want to run into a bird that was big enough to lay giant eggs!

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