Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mom's Crazy Busy Week

I hate it when Mom is busy all the time because then she keeps running off and leaving us dogs alone.  And when she is home, she is always hogging the computer so that I can't even get my blog entry written.  This week Mom hogged the computer three different days because she said she was writing all about the Humane Society board meeting last week.  Well, I say, who cares about that?  But Mom is the secretary, so she has to write something called "minutes," and if she had any math skills, this would be easy because anyone could figure out that there were 110 minutes in the meeting, and what is so hard about that?

But that's not the only thing I want to complain about in Mom's crazy busy week, because on Tuesday morning, Mom shocked us all by getting out of bed really early, like 5:00, which is way too early to get up, in my opinion.  Gabe told me that when Mom used to have a job, she always got up 4:30, but I'm glad I didn't live here then!  Usually we sleep till 7:00 now because we all have to get our beauty sleep.

So anyway, we had to get up super early on Tuesday, and then Mom ran off and left us before it even got light out, although at least she gave us our breakfast before she left.  And the reason she had to leave so early was because she had to take her friend LaDene to the hospital so she could have surgery.

Aunt LaDene had surgery last year at about this same time, and what they did then was they tried to fix the pain in her neck by screwing some bones together and doing some other stuff.  Except they didn't do it quite right, so after the surgery, Aunt LaDene couldn't walk or use her hands.

Then after months and months of physical therapy and all kinds of stuff like that, Aunt LaDene finally got so she could walk again, but she wobbles, so she has to use a cane.  And also her hands don't work very well anymore.  But at least she got to go home and live with her cat again.  But then she started having trouble swallowing, and that's why she had to have the surgery on Tuesday, because the doctors had to take out the screws and stuff that they put in last year, plus sew up a little pocket thingy in her throat.  So they did all that, and it seems like maybe they did it right this time, and Aunt LaDene won't have to stay in the hospital so long.

Anyway, Mom has been going to the hospital every day this week to visit Aunt LaDene, plus she also has to go feed Aunt LaDene's cat, whose name is Trix.  And then on Wednesday night, Mom and Aunt Barb went to see a play.  And on Thursday, Mom ran a bunch of errands and also went to the chiropractor.  Plus there were two days when Mom even took us dogs out for a walk, which was nice because the weather was warmer, and we saw some crocuses blooming.

Then yesterday, Gabe and I had physical therapy again.  But Gabe almost didn't get to go, which was because he hurt his back when we first got out of bed.  And here's what happened:  Mom got up, and all of us dogs got up, and we all went downstairs so we could go out and potty.  Except that Gabe didn't go downstairs, so Mom went to see where he was, and he was at the top of the stairs, acting like he couldn't walk very good.  So Mom went up there to see if he would let her carry him downstairs, but he snapped at her because he didn't want her to hurt him, so she knew better than to try picking him up.

We weren't sure what Gabe did to hurt his back, but maybe he hurt it by jumping off the bed.  Anyway, Mom went back downstairs, but I stayed with Gabe because I was worried about him and I wanted to take care of him because he's my brother.  But then I heard Mom making Breakfast of Dogs in the kitchen, so I left Gabe and went downstairs.  But I guess Gabe was feeling better because he came down the stairs, too, and he ate all his breakfast.

Mom thought she shouldn't take Gabe to physical therapy, but then he seemed to be feeling much better, and he let her pick him up with no problem, so both of us went to physical therapy.  Dr. Connie said I was getting stronger in my back leg, and that I did my therapy very well.  And Gabe did pretty well, too, but he was kind of worried that Dr. Connie would do something to hurt his back, so she didn't do all the stuff she wanted to do with him.

Anyway, yesterday afternoon, Mom went to the hospital again, and then she went to see Aunt Patti about her taxes.  So now Mom will have to find the time to look up all the information that Aunt Patti doesn't have that she needs to figure out Mom's taxes.

And today Mom is going off and leaving us again because she has to go to this place called Powell Gardens, where they have lots of trees and flowers, but they don't allow dogs there.  And the reason Mom is going is because she and some other people from the cactus club are going to tell people about cactus plants and about how they should join the club.  Oh, and Mom is also going to try to sell some plants.  Then Mom has to go and do the same thing tomorrow.

But maybe next week won't be so busy and crazy.  At least we are all keeping our paws crossed that it's more of a normal, boring week because that's the kind of week we all like the best.

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