Thursday, March 11, 2010

An Update on My Exciting Life

It rained a bunch last night, and so everything got really, really soggy and yucky outside.  I wish we could have stayed in bed and slept all day, but instead, Mom made us get up early so we could get ready to go to physical therapy.  Sheesh!  What fun is that?  At least after physical therapy is over we can stay home the rest of the day, so that's good.

Tuesday Mom took Gabe and Barry to see Dr. Senter, the dermatologist.  Mom took them there because they keep licking their legs and stuff, and so she thinks they must be having allergy problems.  Dr. Senter said to try giving Barry and Gabe some different pills, and maybe that will help.  Also he thinks that Gabe's problem might be that Gabe is getting allergic to the food we eat, which has lots of fish in it.  So Gabe might have to start eating rabbits or kangaroos or something really cool like that.

Aunt LaDene got to come home from the hospital Tuesday evening, which was nice, but she hasn't been feeling very good because her back hurts her a lot.  It was hurting before she went to the hospital for the surgery, and now it still hurts because the surgery was to fix her throat, not her back.

Anyway, Mom went to Aunt LaDene's house yesterday after she played with dogs at the shelter, and she put out Aunt LaDene's trash.  And then she had to go get some prescriptions filled for Aunt LaDene, except one of the prescriptions, which was for pain medicine, couldn't get filled at the drugstore where Aunt LaDene usually goes.  So Mom had to go to another drugstore that was lots farther away so that she could get the pain medicine because Aunt LaDene really needed it.  And while Mom was doing all that stuff, she left us dogs all alone, but she got home just in time for Supper of Dogs, so we forgave her.

Well, that's all I can think of to tell you about me at the moment, so now I will tell you about some new dogs at the shelter, and maybe you can adopt them.

This first one is Bianca, and she's a collie mix.  She is somewhere between 5 and 7 years old, and she really, really, really loves people.  She likes to get petted and hugged and have her ears scratched and get treats and everything like that.  Her teeth are kind of worn down and broken in the very front of her mouth, sort of like Barry's are, so Mom thinks Bianca must have chewed on a crate or something, just like Barry used to do.  Which means that maybe Bianca has separation anxiety.  But she would probably be fine living with another dog or with somebody who was home a lot.

Ryan is a sheltie mix who is 1-1/2 years old.  He is very sweet and very cute and very friendly.  Anybody would be lucky to have a dog like Ryan!

And this is Whitney, who is just over a year old.  Whitney is probably a mix of several kinds of dogs, like maybe shepherd, boxer, and collie.  But it's really anybody's guess.  Whitney is playful and smart and loves treats.  She has short hair, so if you prefer that to long hair, she might be just the dog for you.  She only weighs 34 pounds, so she is a good size, too -- not too big and not too small.

Okay, that's it for today.  Check my blog again tomorrow to find out what exciting topic I decided to write about!

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