Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Yesterday morning, Mom did not do the regular routine that we dogs are used to, so this made us all nervous.  What she did was, she got up and she let us outside, but then instead of giving us Breakfast of Dogs, she went back upstairs and put her clothes on.  Then she drove away in the car!  And there we were, left at home without our breakfast!

But pretty soon, Mom came back, and she didn't have the car anymore because she took it to The Shop so that it could get a check-up and stuff like that.  Then she gave us Breakfast of Dogs, and we mostly forgave her.  And the best part about having the car in The Shop was that Mom couldn't go anywhere very far away, so she had to stay home with us all day, which we liked a lot.

Mom took us for long walks and then she repotted some plants and then she ate lunch.  And after that, she wrote a letter to her new sponsored child, whose name is Sharon.  The reason Mom got a new sponsored child is because the girl she was sponsoring in Nepal moved away from where she was living, so she couldn't be sponsored anymore.  And Mom got to choose a new kid to sponsor.  She was going to choose another girl in Nepal, but there weren't any on the website to choose, so she chose a girl in Kenya instead.  Kenya is in Africa, so it's not anywhere near Nepal, but I think it's good that Mom chose a girl in Kenya.

Here's a picture of Sharon.  She is 11 years old, and she is from the Luo tribe, which is the same tribe that President Barack Obama's father belonged to.  Sharon lives in a village that is close to Lake Victoria, which is the biggest lake in Africa and the second-biggest freshwater lake in the whole world.  The girls in Kenya shave their heads, so it is hard to tell them apart from the boys.  Of course, dogs can always tell the difference between a boy and a girl by using their superior sense of smell, but people can't do this.

Anyway, I don't think there are any basenjis in Kenya.  At least, I have never heard of any basenjis in Kenya.  Mostly I have heard of basenjis in the Congo and in places like Benin, which is in West Africa.  And Kenya is in East Africa.  The Rift Valley runs through Kenya, and there are lots of interesting animals that live there, but I don't think any of them are basenjis.

But that's enough about Africa.  My other latest news is that Gabe and Mom and I are GOING ON A TRIP!  And guess where we are going!  We are going all the way to Austin to visit Hank and Aunt Cheryl!  Oh boy!  It will be fun!  But we aren't leaving for a couple of weeks yet, so I have to be patient.

Mom wanted her car to be in good condition for the trip, so that's why she took it to The Shop yesterday.  Of course, it turned out to be expensive to take the car to The Shop, which Mom says is always true.  She says it is just like taking a dog to the vet.  There is always something expensive wrong that has to be fixed.  Anyway, Mom's car needed a new wheel bearing, whatever that is, so she told the mechanic to put it on, which he did, and the bill came to over $400, but this was still less than Mom had to pay last week for Gabe's dental and having all his cysts cut off of him.

Oh, and Gabe said to tell you he's healing up nicely, but he still has to wait another week before he can get his stitches out.


  1. Hi Piper. I enjoyed your post today. Thank you for sharing the news about Sharon. I thought you might be interested in reading something about Basenjis in Africa. Check this out :

  2. Dear Aunt Jo,
    Thank you for sending the link to your article about basenjis in the Congo. I am very much interested in this topic, of course, since these basenjis are my ancestors and distant cousins. Except I would not want to go live in the Congo now because I am used to living in an air-conditioned house! Anyway, my mom has read some of your articles in basenji magazines, and she said to tell you thanks for helping bring some new basenjis from Africa to the U.S. And thanks from me for reading my blog and writing a comment!
    Your friend,

  3. WOW....a trip; sounds like fun!! Good to hear that Gabe is healing and I'm sure will feel much better when the trip comes about!! I'm going to be taking a trip too...not until mid-May; also not as far as you all are going. I will be going to visit my daughter in Champaign, IL, it's about a 6-7 hour drive; depending how well I follow the speed limits! :) This time, Dodi & Di might come along w/me. Anyway, thrilled to hear about the new sponsored child, Sharon - she is beautiful, and I bet she's VERY SMART and LOVES DOGS too!!
    Love, AP