Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Exciting Update

Well!  You will never believe what we saw yesterday when we went to physical therapy!  We saw a beagle walking on two legs!  And it wasn't his back legs, like in that video that maybe you have seen on the internet of that little dog that was born without any front legs.  No, this dog was walking on his front legs and holding his back legs up.  He walked clear across the waiting room at the clinic and back again.  I had never seen anything like it before in my whole life, and neither had Gabe, and neither had Mom.  So we all just stared.  Mom wished she had brought her camera, but she hadn't, so she couldn't take a picture.

Anyway, this dog was there for physical therapy, just like we were, and we could tell this because the dog's dad was talking to Dr. Connie.  So later on, Mom asked Dr. Connie what was wrong with the dog's back legs, and she said it was two knee surgeries that had gone wrong.  And she said that the beagle was her special challenge.  And Mom asked Dr. Connie if she had taught him to walk on his front legs like that, and Dr. Connie said no, the dog had taught himself to do that.  And what Dr. Connie was trying to do was get him to walk on all four legs again.

Personally, I think it's much more interesting to see a dog walking on two legs instead of four legs.  I see dogs walking on four legs every day, but how often do you see a dog walking on two legs?  I think the beagle's mom and dad should put him in the circus or on "Funny Dog Tricks" or whatever that show is called on TV, and they could make a lot of money doing that.  But that is just my opinion, which I don't mind giving, even though nobody asked for it!

So while I am talking about physical therapy, I will just say that Dr. Connie thinks Gabe and I are doing really well.  Dr. Connie has told Mom more than once that I am a very smart dog and that I learn fast.  Of course, she also said that I am a little bit stubborn and quirky, but Mom already knew that.  Mom told Dr. Connie that I am so smart that I write a blog, and she gave Dr. Connie the blog address, but we don't know if Dr. Connie ever really read my blog or not.

Gabe didn't go to physical therapy last time because he was all full of stitches that stuff, but he went back there today.  At first he didn't want to go swimming, but after he got in the water, he remembered that it wasn't so bad.  Anyway, since Gabe and I are doing so well with our therapy, we don't have to go back for a whole month.

And speaking of Gabe, he got all his stitches taken out on Tuesday, and I went there, too, so I could get my toenails trimmed.  Gabe has this thing called a seroma where one of his cysts was removed on his side.  It's like a bubble sort of thing under his skin, and it's full of fluid that leaked out of his blood vessels.  Dr. Patricia used a syringe to suck out all the fluid one time, but then it came back.  So she said it was better to just leave it and let it go away on its own.

Here's a photo of Gabe's seroma.  He is embarrassed that he has to go to Texas looking so lumpy and all shaved like a patchwork quilt, but Mom has told Aunt Cheryl and Hank that they shouldn't laugh at Gabe and hurt his feelings.

Oh, and here's a photo of me playing nurse when Mom put some special ointment on Gabe's incision and then put a muzzle on him so he couldn't lick it off.  This ointment is supposed to taste nasty so that dogs won't lick it, but I like the taste of it, so I always lick it off as soon as Mom puts it on.  I was happy to be a good sister and help Gabe out with this little job when he couldn't do it himself.

Okay, I guess that is all I had better write about today.  Mom is busy trying to get some stuff done before we go on our trip.  Gabe and I are mostly resting up so we will be in good shape for all that sleeping in the car while we are traveling.  Mel and Barry have to go get their bordatella vaccinations this morning so they won't get kennel cough while they are staying at Pooches' Paradise.

Well, that's all for now.  Bye!


  1. I think maybe Gabe needs a jacket to cover his patchwork shave.

    Your friend,
    Zest, superstar in training

  2. Dear Zest,
    Gabe has a nice blue jacket, but mostly we only wear our jackets in the wintertime or if it's raining out. So probably Mom won't try to make Gabe wear his jacket now, especially when we go down south to Texas where it's hotter. Maybe what Gabe needs is some kind of t-shirt that says Harley-Davidson or something like that. I'll suggest it to Mom and see if she wants to go buy one for Gabe.
    Your friend,