Friday, April 9, 2010


We had an incredibly exciting morning yesterday!  Omigosh!  It was just one thing after another until finally it was time to take a nap and rest up from all the excitement.

It all started when we woke up about 6:00 a.m., and there was this beep sound coming from downstairs.  It wasn't like beep-beep-beep-beep-beep really fast.  It was just beep!  And then after a little bit, another beep! And so on, like that.  Mom thought it was probably just the batteries in one of the smoke detectors that needed to be changed, even though she just changed them in January.  She said it wasn't time to get up yet, so we all had to go back to sleep and try to ignore the beep sounds.

Then at 7:00, we got up, and Mom said she dreamed that she fixed the beep, but it kept on beeping anyway, even after she fixed it.  Ha!  That was because she was just dreaming that she fixed it, and she didn't really fix it at all.

So Mom and Barry and Mel went downstairs, but Gabe and I stayed upstairs because we weren't too sure we wanted to be close to the beep.  Mom kept going around and listening to all the smoke detectors, but she couldn't figure out which one was beeping.  Then finally she figured out that it was the control panel thingy for the security system that was beeping.  And the control panel said that the thing in the dining room that listens for breaking glass needed a new battery.  Mom didn't even know this thing had a battery, but she stood on a chair and tried to open it up, and then she made it go beep-beep-beep-beep-beep in a very scary way.  So then somehow she made it shut up, so that was good.  It wasn't fixed, but at least it stayed quiet.

Anyway, the next exciting thing that happened was that we went out for our walk -- or at least we started to go out for our walk.  And Mom took me and Gabe out together because she didn't have time to walk us separately, which she has sometimes been doing lately.  And we just got down the driveway to the street and guess what!  There was a cairn terrier!  And she was just running around loose, and she was wearing a pink harness and she had a red leash that she was dragging all through the grass, so it was wet, and she had a collar with tags on it.

Here's a picture of a cairn terrier that looks pretty much like the one we saw yesterday morning, but it's a different cairn terrier.  Anyway, the terrier we saw came right up to us, and Mom grabbed her leash, but Mom was also trying to keep Gabe from attacking the cairn terrier, because Gabe will attack any dog that he doesn't know, just because he likes to be proactive.

Then Mom took us all three back to the house, and the whole time Gabe was snarking at the terrier, but she was very nice about it and didn't snark back.  And Mom made me and Gabe go in the house, and she stayed outside with the terrier and read her tag, and it said her name was Truffles and it had her address, which was 3 blocks away from our house, and it said, "If lost, call my daddy," and there was a phone number.

So Mom picked up the cairn terrier and brought her in the house, and then she threw the rest of us dogs out into the back yard while she called the phone number on the tag, but nobody answered.  So Mom decided to take Truffles back to her house.  So she left us all at home and went out the door, and then a woman came walking down our street who had another cairn terrier that looked just like the one Mom found.  And this woman was looking for Truffles, but she said the dog's name was Daisy.  Mom did not ask why the tag said Truffles.  Maybe it used to belong to a dog with that name.  Anyway, I think Truffles is a cuter name than Daisy, just because Daisy is a name people use all the time, and Truffles is more unusual.

Anyway, the woman was very friendly, and she had a foreign accent, and Mom talked to her for a little while, and then the woman took the two cairns and left.  And after that, Mom walked me and Gabe, and we found a DEAD RAT and also a DEAD SQUIRREL, but Mom would not let us stop and check out these interesting and possibly yummy things.

So that was all of our excitement yesterday morning, and then we took naps.  Later in the afternoon, Mom finally figured out how to open the thing that listens for breaking glass, and then she had to go to the drugstore to get the kind of batteries that fit in it.  But it's all fixed now, so we hope it will not go beep ever again!


  1. Yep - I can empathize with all of you of the "beep" sound when it comes to security alarms or the breaking glass thingy!! I've had that happen to me...and it took me forever to finally realize it was the control panel. I'm not good at being able to sleep with a beep, or dripping water, or even sound of a clock ticking....I guess I'm weird!! Glad you got it fixed, and GREAT that Truffles/Daisy was able to go back to her home!
    Love, AP