Sunday, April 18, 2010

Some Really Cool Doggy Trivia

Trivia #1:  Dogs can only sweat from the bottoms of their feet, instead of all over their bodies like people and horses do.  So the way that dogs mostly cool off is by panting.  Some dogs also cool off by jumping in the lake, but personally, I'd rather just stay inside an air-conditioned house!

Trivia #2:  If you think of the average lifespan of a dog as 11 years, then the cost of owning a dog is $13,350.  Which is money well spent, if you ask me.

Trivia #3:  Dogs can make about 100 facial expressions, mostly using their ears, and this is one way they communicate with other dogs.  Except that some dogs, like bull dogs and pitbulls, can only make about 10 expressions, so they get into fights sometimes because other dogs don't understand them.  Basenjis have especially good facial expressions because of all their cute little wrinkles.

Trivia #4:  Maybe you have heard the phrase "three dog night," which is the name of a rock band.  But before it was a rock band, this phrase meant it was so cold that you needed three dogs in your bed in order to keep from freezing.  Some people say this phrase comes from the Aborigines in Australia, and others say it comes from the Eskimos.  I don't know who is right, but I think it's an excellent phrase that tells where all dogs should be sleeping on cold nights.

Trivia #5:  People used to think that dogs were color blind, but now people have got smart enough to figure out that dogs can see some colors, but maybe not all the bright colors that people see.  Dogs can see blue, yellow, and gray, but not red and green.  This is not a big deal, in my opinion, because some people can't tell the difference between red and green either.

Trivia #6:  About a million dogs in the U.S. are named as the primary beneficiary in their owners' wills, and this means they will inherit a whole bunch of money to buy dog treats with.  Which is a good thing.

Trivia #7:  People spend $1.5 billion every year on pet food.  This is about four times the amount that's spent on baby food and just goes to show that pets are way more important than babies.


  1. Dear Piper,
    We were a little behind on reading your blog because mom's power cord to her computer started smoking and she thought she should not use it. I think that was probably smart idea.

    So, happy belated b-day to your mom and poor Gabe! We all hope he gets better soon.

    Thanks so much for the history lesson on TJefferson. I have a friend who has several Briards and neither mom nor I knew about the connection between that breed and TJ. Mom sometimes listens to TJ on NPR, but he's never mentioned Briards. I don't think it's the real TJ but someone pretending to be TJ. That's a little confusing, but that's how humans are.

    We also enjoy trivia at this house. When mom remembers, we go here:
    If you get the question right (which mom usually does) somebody gets free dog food. I don't know who gets the free dog food because I haven't gotten any extra, but I think free food is a good idea.

    Please let me know if you're the one getting the free dog food and I'll try to remind mom daily

    Your friend,
    Zest, NAP NAJ NA
    superstar in training

  2. Dear Zest,
    I am glad your mom's power cord is not smoking anymore so you can read my blog! I missed your insightful comments! Mom and I checked out the free kibble trivia site, and we guessed the correct answer, so some poor, hungry animal is going to get 10 free pieces of kibble, but it's not me. We signed up for a daily reminder, but this may have been a bad thing to do because we will probably get a bunch of ads and junk mail stuff. While I was doing in-depth research last night on dog trivia, I found a quiz about basenjis. I am embarrassed to say that I missed one of the questions, but I think it must have been a trick question.

    Mom and Gabe said to thank you for the good wishes. Gabe is doing fine, and he doesn't have to wear the muzzle anymore because he can't really reach his incisions. But he licks lots of other stuff, like his legs and his butt.

    Bye now!

  3. Well, we had to go looking for a basenji quiz and we found this one:

    We got them all correct, but had problems with #5 cuz I'm a superstar.

    I forgot to explain that mom got a new power cord, but we had to wait a few days for the mailman to deliver it. Our next door neighbor (the one who used to have goats but has a golden named Tater now) is a postman, but he's not the person who delivers mail to our house. I don't know why that is.

    Today mom went to the DAM, I don't think that's a nice word, but that's where she went. She's going to go back again probably several times and said your mom may want to go to the DAM especially if you come out for the BCOA national specialty. This is what your mom could see:

    Mom's excited about it and thinks there might be a basenji there.


  4. That quiz is the same one that Mom and I did last night. I just didn't save the URL and was too lazy too look it up for you, so I'm glad you found it. I got #5 with no problem, even though I know you are a superstar. The one I missed was #8 because I didn't know the first basenji in America was stuffed, which was a sad thing for me to learn.

    My mom has seen the King Tut exhibit because it was in Kansas City several years ago. We are getting a new lady mummy exhibit here that will stay here all the time and not travel around. It will open in 3 weeks. I don't think there are any basenjis in this exhibit, but there are a lot of pictures of Anubis.

    I don't know if we will go to the national or not. I think it would be fun, but Mom already has a couple of other little trips planned, and we are still trying to save money. But I would like to meet you in person and watch you being a superstar, so I will try to talk Mom into going to Colorado.

    Your friend,

  5. Love trivia....but haven't tried any of the websites mentioned in the above comments. Anything that will feed a dog/cat/cow/etc., sure has my support.
    Love, AP